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Blue Mountain Brewery Rolls Out New Website With E-Store


©2011 www.bluemountainbrewery.com : A screen grab of the new Blue Mountain Brewery website released this week. It includes a cool online store where you can buy merchandise too!

Nelson County, Virginia

We’ve been telling you [2] about Blue Mountains Brewery’s [3] ongoing expansion for the past several months. In addition to a physical expansion, BMB just expanded virtually too! This week they rolled out a brand new website complete with an e-store.


One of the neatest features on the new BMB site includes an e-store where you can buy all kinds of cool brewery merchandise. Click on the image above to head on over there.

The e-store allows you to order anything from gift cards to t-shirts to beer glasses and more!

Same web address www.bluemountainbrewery.com [3] but totally new look!

Congrats guys on the new site!