Major Wildfire In Gladstone : Under Control

©2011 : Fire crews stage along Caskie Road in Gladstone at the scene of a major wildfire burning in the area lat Saturday afternoon. 2.19.11

Nelson County, Virginia

Several times Saturday fire crews across Nelson and adjoining counties have been called into action to battle wildfires fanned by gusty winds of 50 MPH or more. That latest battle came late Saturday afternoon in Gladstone in the vicinity of Caskie Road. Around 4PM Saturday afternoon numerous fire departments were on the scene fighting a fire that has been threatening homes and other structures. Around 4:30PM authorities reported that most of the fire in Gladstone had been contained and was getting under control.

Earlier in the day we told you about another brush fire crews battled at AM Fog in Afton.

Image ©2011 : Yet another brush fire captured by this interstate camera in Fishersville at exit 91.

Another Nelson crew was also assisting neighboring Albemarle County on a wildfire in the Dick Woods Road area near Batesville.And yet another small brush fire reported at the Critzer Farm around 4:15 PM near the Nelson-Albemarle County Line.

Various Fire and High Wind Warnings continue into the Saturday evening hours.


  1. I live in Ohio, and where I live I have never heard of a wildfire warning. We have high wind warnings, but what causes these fires? Is it open burning, or campfires ?

  2. They are technically called Red Flag Warnings @John, but they generally mean an increased threat for wildfires. That was certainly the case here today. Probably at least a dozen of them. Yes, both open burning and campfires are the number one causes. Not rocket science. If you open burn in a 50+ MPH wind it’s going to spread.


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