Devils Backbone Gets Visit From Happy Hour Guys

©2011 Imgae via The Happy Hour Guys : Head Brewer, Jason Oliver being interviewed by The Happy Hour Guys in a recent YouTube video.

Nelson County, Virginia

Microbreweries continuing thriving here in Nelson County and Nelson’s second brewery, Devils Backbone recently got a visit from The Happy Hour Guys. (wish I’d thought of what these two do for a living, travel the country and sample beer!) The duo, Mark Aldrich and Jimmy Ludwig, travel to unique pubs and breweries like DBBC.

See the entire visit from The Happy Hour Guys to DBBC in the video above.

Here’s part 2!

Congrats guys and according to DBBC’s Twitter feed they also got some good news just last night over in adjoining Rockbridge County.

Their tweet said:

“We just got approved by the Rockbridge Planning Commission for our production brewery production bottling facility. More to come!”



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