Winter Weather Marches Toward Virginia : Maps Updated 9:30 AM EST 1.11.11

The estimated snowfall coverage for Monday into Tuesday via NWS.

Nelson County, Virginia
We’re still watching a winter storm system head toward Virginia that should start affecting Nelson County overnight Monday into Tuesday. As of late Sunday evening, it does not appear this will be a major winter storm for our immediate area. We will likely get snow, but not tremendous amounts. As always, with any winter storm that is dependent on the track of a coastal low, movement east or west by just 50 miles could have a big impact on that.

Image ©2011 has put out this easy to understand map of possible snowfall across Virginia. Updated 1.10.11 at 6:15 PM

I highly suggest you follow David Tolleris over at his Wxrisk Facebook page. This guy is good and knows his stuff. One of my favorites I always look to for info comparisons. talks more about the effects here, and here on the approaching storm.

Bottom line, as of Sunday evening this doesn’t look to be a major blow to Nelson and Central Virgina. That doesn’t mean it won’t cause travel problems, we’ll have to see.

I’ll be updating throughout the day Monday and Monday night so keep checking back often!

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