Christmas Winter Storm Threat Diminishing Somewhat

Image ©2010 : As of Thursday evening, forecasters at AccuWeather believe the brunt of a Christmas weekend storm will not affect Nelson & Central Virginia. Click image for more details.

Nelson County, Virginia
Updated 6:00PM EST 12.23.10
As of Thursday evening forecasters, including those at believe the snowstorm threat for Central Virginia and Nelson County has diminished over the Christmas weekend. Does this mean we are out of the woods, absolutely not! But the current thinking is this storm will remain far enough off of the east coast to keep Nelson from seeing a major snowfall. But, a change of 50-100 miles in the track of this storm would make a major difference in snowfall amounts.

We will be frequently updating throughout the day Friday into the weekend as this system gets closer!

Earlier post
Everyone is wanting to know what a potential snowstorm will be doing this Christmas weekend. The short answer, no one knows just yet. Lots of things have to occur. But, most forecasters are beginning to agree, including me, that this storm has great potential. The reason no one can agree is because computer models that forecasters use to make predictions are not agreeing. They have been all over the place for the past 2-3 days. But, this quote from the folks over at caught my attention.

“Expert Senior Meteorologist Dale Mohler stated that he is noticing some similarities on the charts with this storm and the March 1993 super storm. Every storm is different, but I could see how this storm ‘bombs out’ somewhere along the East Coast. The question is how far north or east,” Mohler stated. meteorologists believe that none of the computer models have the exact idea on the storm, and they are basing current forecasts on years of experience in these situations.”

I agree, the models aren’t handling this very well at all just yet. I wasn’t here in 1993. I lived in West TN at the time. But many of you will remember that ’93 storm and from what I’m told it was a doozie!!

Stay tuned. This is not a definite by any means, but it certainly has the potential, and we’re talking inches and inches if all elements come together.


  1. All I have to say is I am on vacation so we are not allowed to have a storm that coudl bring inches and inches of snow. So tell the snow Gods to back up and wait a few days more LOL

  2. Thanks, Tommy. Keep us posted. Too bad we can’t specify where the snow should fall and where it shouldn’t.

    Am amused by your calling it a possible “Doozie” or “Dusie”. The expression refers to a make of car called a Dusenberg which was over the top — think 1970’s Cadillac Eldorado with the worst imaginable tasteless add-on package. While these cars went fast, they went poorly in the snow.

    Great skiing at Wintergreen! Plenty of snow here already.

  3. We happened to go to Chester County, Pennsylvania end of March 1993 — we had a white 1988 Chevy Nova(think Corolla) which ended up disappearing under the snow –BEFORE drifting snow appeared!
    Took three days before we could dig it out!


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