Winter’s Lunar Eclipse In Nelson By Ann Strober

Photos By Ann Strober : ©2010 : Ann Strober captures the rare lunar eclipse over Nelson County that coincides with the start of winter 2010.

Nelson County, Virginia

We know exactly where Ann Strober was very early Tuesday morning on December 21st 2010. Behind the camera patiently waiting for a rare lunar eclipse that hasn’t coincided with the start of winter since 1638! WOW!

The eclipse as it was just beginning over the skies of Nelson County, Virginia early Tuesday morning, December 21, 2010.

Thankfully a large area of cloudiness held off until Ann could grab these fantastic shots. Though the Winter Solstice doesn’t’ officially being until 6:38 PM EST Tuesday evening (11:38 Coordinated Universal Time UTC) it is a very rare event indeed for the two to happen on the same date. More on Winter Solstice here from And lots more on the lunar eclipse here from The Washington Post.

The eclipse shadowing about 50% of the moon as seen over Nelson County, Virginia 12.21.10

Thanks Ann for either staying up late or getting up very, very early to grab these photos!

If you are a Nelson Mag Facebook friend, you can view the entire sequence of Ann’s pictures by clicking here. We have shared them to our profile. If you aren’t our Facebook friend become one.


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