Nelson County Pantry Gets Lots O $$$$$$$$

©2010 : Marian Dixon, VP The Nelson Co. Pantry Board, Richard Nees, President, and Brian Coe, Assistant Manager at Devils Backbone pose with a $2100.00 check presenedt to the pantry, raised from Bouncing For Hams last week.

Roseland / Beech Grove
Nelson County, Virginia

Last week we told you about a 24 hour marathon of jumping on a trampoline in freezing weather to raise money for The Nelson County Pantry. Bouncing For Hams was held by Devils Backbone Brewing in an effort to buy 300+ hams for families in the Nelson area this Christmas.

A $2100.00 check was handed over to The Nelson County Pantry this past Tuesday 12.21.10 as part of the Bouncing For Hams event.

Way to go guys and thank you Nelson County Pantry for what you do here in Nelson!


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