Happy Halloween!

Photo Courtesy of Heidi Crandall : Folks dressed in their Halloween best Saturday night at Devils Backbone Brewing in Roseland, Virginia.

Nelson County, Virginia
Sunday is officially Halloween, but several events kicked off the night before in Nelson County. Restaurants and many other places held Halloween contests like the one at Devils Backbone Brewing in Roseland.

The Blues Brothers flank others during the Halloween contest at Devils Backbone Saturday night. The numbers don't add up with that 2nd person from the left!
Sally Rose down at Basic Necessities during Sunday brunch. She's calling herself the Basic runt of the litter.
You have to look carefully or you would think she has a black eye!

Sally’s the wonderful singer who’s career and performances are on the rise just in advance of her forthcoming new CD release in about two weeks. We told you about Sally in our September 2010 issue after her appearance on CBS-6 in Richmond. (Below article and photo on left of Sally)

Lots more Halloween activities will be taking place Sunday afternoon and night. Of course trick or treating continues! Oh yea, if you get too much candy, Drs. Rice & Rice will be more than happy to take it off of your hands Monday – November 1st! (Below article on right from our current issue)



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