Fire & Rescue Works Saturday Accident On Wintergreen Drive

Photos Courtesy of WF&R : Crews with Wintergreen Fire And Rescue tend to accident victims Saturday afternoon on Wintergreen Drive.

Nelson County, Virginia

Halloween weekend proved to be a busy one for Wintergreen Fire and Rescue. While working a call along the Blue Ridge Parkway involving a motorcycle, (According to WF&R’s website Montebello assisted on the BRP call) another auto accident occurred on Wintergreen Drive just above the security gatehouse. NCL has received numerous inquiries about the accident Saturday, hence this update.

Traffic on Wintergreen Drive was a slow go while crews cleared the accident.

“No one was killed in the accident on Wintergreen Drive and the injuries appeared non-life threatening,” Wintergreen Fire & Rescue Chief, Curtis Sheets, told NCL on Sunday. The BRP victim was also transported, but was not life threatening.

According to WF&R’s site:

“When Engine 1 arrived on scene the driver had already been removed from the vehicle and providers on scene stated that the passenger was entrapped. Once the driver was secured in one of the ambulances, attention was then directed to the passenger. The portable pump and spreaders were set up on the passenger side of the vehicle in the North Bound lane of Wintergreen Drive where the patient was located. The patient was entrapped for no more than 10-15 minutes. The patient was removed from the vehicle and transported to the hospital.”


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