Congrats To NCHS 2010 Homecoming Court

Photo By Paul Purpura ©2010 : James Saunders (left) and Natalie Campbell were crowned king and queen at this past Friday night's homecoming game in Lovingston.

Nelson County, Virginia

We told you about Nelson’s wonderful win against Chatham High this past Friday night in Lovingston. It was the Govs first and much needed win (42-20) of the season! The homecoming game was also a time to honor and recognize the high school’s royalty.

Natalie Campbell, just before being crowned Homecoming Queen this past Friday night, October 29, 2010.
The Friday night win against Chatham was a perfect backdrop for the 2010 Homecoming.

Congrats to James and Natalie and to The Govs for their win!


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