Economic Development Authority : Minutes : 10.7.10


Present: Ms. Emily Pelton, Mr. Natt Hall, Mr. Bennett Saunders, Mr. Alphonso Taylor, Mr. Greg Kelly (Staff: Ms. Maureen Kelley)

Absent: Mr. Erwin Berry

TURMAN TYE BOND ISSUE: Ms. Kelley reported that the attorneys and applicants are working through the resolutions. She noted that Turman Tye River has hired employees and is purchasing equipment for the business. (Note: Turman Tye River has purchased the former Taylor-Ramsey building in Arrington, plans to operate a wood processing facility and has applied for $1.3 million in revenue bonds to allow the company to secure interest-free financing.

MOUNTAIN VIEW BREWERY: Ms. Kelley reported that Mr. Hale and Mr. Bruguiere will serve as a Board of Supervisors’ committee to review the applicant’s request for tax abatement. She reported that County, CVEC, NC Service Authority staff and the applicant have met to determine what options exist to deal with the effluent generated by the applicant’s brewing process. She noted that engineers will continue to work on the issue but said that NCSA feels that the affluent will have to be pre-treated to residential levels.

Mr. Hall asked whether that requirement would make the Business Park location less competitive. Ms. Kelley said that it does make other locality packages more attractive but that the county is working with the applicant. Mr. Kelly said that the applicant seems to feel that there is strong county support for the project and he noted that no one has final numbers on anything yet – not the applicant nor the Service Authority.

Mr. Taylor said that this situation seems to raise the question as to whether there are areas of the county that can support business. Mr. Kelly agreed, asking what the EDA can do with a business that wants more than “sinks and toilets”.

Ms. Kelley suggested that the EDA might want to review and comment on the Comprehensive Plan update. After discussion, members agreed to hold a work session to review and consider the Comp Plan – focusing on items that affect the county’s ability to attract business, including transportation, designated growth areas, areas with infrastructure, etc. They directed staff to arrange for the appropriate attendees and date for a work session.

With no new business or public comment, the meeting was adjourned.

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