Another Nelson County Life Added Thursday!

©2010 : Nelson County Life Publisher, Yvette Stafford (and mom) with Peyton Ashley Stafford born this past Thursday morning. Click to enlarge.
©2010 : Nelson County Life Publisher, Yvette Stafford (and mom) with Peyton Ashley Stafford born this past Thursday morning. Click to enlarge.

Nelson County, Virginia
Nelson County Life grew just a bit on the last day of September 2010. (If you are a friend of ours on Facebook, you read the updates on Thursday) Peyton Ashley Stafford came into this world right in the middle of a massive flooding rain that slammed Central Virginia and the east coast! Yes, the trip to Martha Jefferson was an eventful one at 3AM during a blinding wind driven rain, but everyone is just fine! Peyton definitely pushed her weight around. She came into this world at 9lbs 12 ozs with a length of 21.5″. Yvette labored only 2.5 hours from the time we left Nelson until the time Peyton was born. Kudos to Dr. Christine Wamhoff and the nurses at MJH who were ready the minute we hit the door. Good thing, because Peyton didn’t linger long!

We also have to send out a very sincere thanks to our NCL Photographer, Hayley Osborne (cover photographer for the 2010 October issue of NCL being distributed now) who has been on standby for days and days to see after Adam once the time came. In the pouring rain, Hayley came over at 3AM and saw after Adam while mommy and daddy headed off into the night toward Charlottesville for the birth. You rock Hayley!

Peyton joins her brother, Adam Stafford, the already established, Junior Publisher here at NCL. We told you about his arrival two years ago this past September 28th.

We can’t say enough good things about the countless people who have sent emails or comments on our Facebook page about Peyton’s arrival. We are all very touched by your kindness and generosity.

Everyone is just fine and resting up for the next issue of NCL.

We are pretty sure that publisher’s pic on page 5 will have an addition in the November issue.:-)


  1. Hoorah for Yvette on another champion delivery, and Congrats to the entire Stafford family on the arrival of Peyton Ashley.
    The beauty of Nelson County just went up a notch.
    Homer Barnswallow
    Nelson County

  2. Congratulations on another Special Delivery!! So happy hear that Peyton has finally arrived. Now, Adam has the responsibility of always being The Big Brother!!

    Best wishes to all,

    George and Rita

  3. Congrats to Yvette & Tommy on another great delivery!

    You timed it just right …two birthdays in late Sept. What a party that will be in years to come.

    Happy birthday to both Peyton and Adam,
    Henri & Elaine

  4. You’re posting on the Nelson County Life website brought tears to my eyes. Congrats to Yvette, Tommy, Adam, and your photographer. We were in the middle of driving up to Cortland, NY on 9/30 and saw 5 track trailer accidents! Happy that every one is safe and happy.


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