Board Of Supervisors : Minutes : 9.23.10


Present: Ms. Connie Brennan, Mr. Joe Dan Johnson, Mr. Tommy Harvey

Absent: Mr. Tommy Bruguiere and Mr. Allen Hale

RESOLUTION/EDUCATION: Supervisors voted 3-0 to adopt a resolution in support of reduced unfunded mandates for public education in Virginia to be sent to the Governor, federal and state legislators, VA Board of Education and the VA Department of Education.

JOB DESCRIPTIONS: After discussion, Supervisors agreed to table approval of job descriptions for the positions of Planner and Economic Development and Tourism Specialist.


– Supervisors agreed by consensus that Mr. Hale and Mr. Bruguiere would work as a committee to review requests for business incentives.

– Supervisors agreed by consensus to change their November meeting to Tuesday, November 16th at 2:00pm and 7:00pm to allow them to attend the VA Association of Counties conference. They agreed that they would not hold a second meeting that month.

Meeting adjourned.

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