Thursday Accident Near Shipman Claims Life : Separate Accident Claims Another : 5.7.10

Image ©2010 : Courtesy of : The accident scene Thursday night in Shipman where Mary Beth Sprouse lost her life.
Image ©2010 : Courtesy of : The accident scene Thursday night in Shipman where Mary Beth Sprouse lost her life.

Nelson County, Virginia

A mother was killed late Thursday night and her 9-10 month old infant remains in the hospital after a tragic crash just west of Shipman. Another passenger remains in critical condition. Nelson County Sheriff, David Brooks, tells NCL that Mary Beth Sprouse, in her early 20’s, of Shipman was killed when she lost control of the car she was driving. “The crash happened around 10:30 Thursday night. 17 year old Nick Wright of the Phoenix area of Nelson was also injured,” says Sheriff Brooks. Mary Sprouse was the driver.

“The 9 to 10 month old infant received a skull fracture and injuries to the spine, but should make a good recovery, according to medical reports,” continued Sheriff Brooks.

The infant was in a car seat but had to be cut out of the car for rescue. Helicopter Medivac units helped transport the injured from the scene.

NBC29 in Charlottesville has more from the scene by clicking here.

Another Nelson County resident was killed during the early morning hours the next day in an unrelated crash. 39-year-old Nikki Renee Patterson of Afton, was killed along Plank Road in Albemarle County around 5AM Friday. NBC-29 has the details of that crash here.


  1. Thanks for the update Jillian. We just have to go off of what authorities give us. Right now the age reported is 20. We’ll be sure to make the corrections on that and the infant’s sex as soon as we can verify that. Thanks for letting us know.


  3. MB you’re gonna be dearly missed. God took an Angel to soon. It’s true, only the GOOD die young. You’ll be in my heart forever. Love you lady

  4. Yeah the infant is a boy and she was 22. Rest in peace MaryBeth! You will be greatly missed! Get well soon Nick & baby boy!

  5. nick we all prayin for you bro make a quick recovery. mary will be truly missed. keep in prayer the sprouse an wright famly. love all

  6. Ill miss you baby girl. When you were born I thought you were the beautifulest little girl I ever seen. Ill never forget nights at grandma Moor’s holding you while everyone played cards. Hug and Kiss Grandma for us. You will truly be missed. I love you.

  7. Heavenly Father: Open the gates of Heaven, and welcome Mary Beth Home. -Amen

    Prayers for Mary Beth’s family and friends. May God be with you in this most sad time. God has brought an angel home, to live with him for all eternity. RIP Mary Beth; you are loved and missed by many. We know you are watching over you family and son. May they feel your prescence with them always.

    Nick- Many are thinking of you and praying for you.

    God- Please watch over baby Peyton and Nick. Be with them for they need your help. Heal them Lord; Amen

  8. Yes my sister was 22 and Peyton is a boy! I will miss u every minute of every not used to doin anything without u..we were always together..dont see 1 without the other n now uve left me!! Prayin for Nick..hes doin so much better!! He shall recover soon! <3

  9. From all of us: we are and having been praying for comfort and strength to the families of all parties involve. we know about losing someone, and we want you to know we are pouring out our own love for you.

  10. mary beth, i never got to know you, but wish i had. heard a little about you. may god be a forgiving and loving god when you meet him. remember the ones you left here on earth. i am sure they will miss you tremendously.

  11. Nick, were thanking of u everyday! we love you a bunch i hope you get better soon your a strong boy ull make it trough life wouldnt b right with out u….

  12. sorry this all had to happen. you were such a beautiful and outgoin mother. we all loved you so much! none of us will ever forget you. everytime you come around you put a smile on everybodys face includin skippys! your sister loves you dearly and you are in our heart!
    rebecca im here for you if you ever need me. im jus a fone call away! i love you guys!!

    Skippy…man you can pull through this strong and healthy. we all love you and are here for you if you ever need anything! we are blood and we know you can hang in there and make a full and strong recovery! we love you and see you soon!
    love your 1st cousin heather

  13. I am so sorry to the family that had to lose a loved one so soon………. I had just seen all of you at the ball field Sat. night and you all looked so happy…… I didnt really know anyone but Nick but it broke my heart when I heard the news about all 3 of them. I grew up with Nick I know he will be strong and pull through. My thoughts and prayers are with you all…

    Please Keep These Family’s In Your Prayers As They Are Going through This………

  14. Mary Beth was a sweet girl. I had some classes with her in high achool. I hope the baby boy & Nick recover fully & well.

  15. Nick I think about you every day and keep you in my prayers. Your one of the sweetest and loveable guy’s I know!!!! Nick just hang in there and stay strong I know you can do it. Nick I wish you a speedy recovery. My DEEPEST of sympathy goes out to Nick and his family just stay strong!!!! This is truely a tragedy


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