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Board Of Supervisors : Minutes : 3.9.10

[ 0 ] March 9, 2010 |

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Present: Ms. Connie Brennan, Mr. Joe Dan Johnson, Mr. Tommy Bruguiere, Mr.
Tommy Harvey

PUBLIC COMMENT: MR. ED PEARSON, Faber, asked whether the Board has plans to
provide for those who are sensitive to wi-fi and radiation in the new
courthouse facility.
MR. PETE PURDUE, Afton and representing the Seniors’ Group at the Rockfish
Valley Community Center, asked the Board to continue support for seniors in
this budget.
REVEREND ROSE, Wingina, thanked the Board for their past support and asked
that the Board continue their support for the seniors.
Other seniors representing the various senior centers and areas of the
county noted the many programs and asked for continued support.
MS. DONNA SMALL, Nellysford, asked why the senior program was moved from the
Rockfish Fire Department building where there was no rent for the space, to
the Rockfish Valley Community Center where the rent is $4,400 with charges
for the use of the kitchen. She also asked why the Rockfish Seniors had
approximately $20,000 in funding leftover from last year.
MS. IRENE THOMPSON said that it does not matter as it is all taxpayer money
and the seniors paid taxes for many years.
MS. DONNA SMALL said that the point is that the money spent on rent and
other things could better be used for the seniors.

Mr. Payne (County Attorney), Supervisors voted 5-0 to authorize staff to
execute the deed and agreement to convey the 10.109-acre property and
buildings to the RVCC Board for $16,548.00 to be paid in 10 equal annual

FY11 BUDGET: Ms. McCann presented a preliminary budget with projected
shortfalls based on whether the House or Senate versions are adopted. She
noted preliminary shortfalls of $570,137 (House) or $287,089 (Senate). These
include shortfalls in school funds of $1,122,955 (House) or $834,013
(Senate). Supervisors set Wednesday, March 17th at 4:00pm for a budget work

APPOINTMENTS: Supervisors unanimously voted to recommend Mr. Ronald L. Moyer
for appointment to the Board of Zoning Appeals as alternate. (This is a
Circuit Court appointment)

BOARD DIRECTIVES: Mr. Hale asked Mr. Bruguiere for clarification on reports
that DEQ has stopped all remediation procedures at Roseland Rescue Squad
(one of two areas considered for a waterline extension to deal with
underground storage tank contamination) because of testing showing that the
water is now safe enough to drink. Mr. Bruguiere said that DEQ has pulled
all remediation procedures but continues to say that Roseland Rescue Squad
should do something. Mr. Harvey said that he has asked Delegate Abbitt to
contact DEQ to ask that they pay for the waterline extension and 9 or 10
years of annual expenses to allow the county to develop a customer base to
pay for the extension of the system.

SPECIAL USE PERMIT/MS. HELEN PARK: Mr. Hale noted that he would recuse
himself from the discussion and vote as his survey company had prepared the
site plan for the project. Mr. Boger reported that the applicant applied for
a permit to construct a 100×200 public garage to store automobiles on a
long-term basis on property located at the corner of Rt. 29 and Morse Lane
(Rt. 748) in Arrington. The property is 5.28 acres and zoned Agricultural
A-1. The applicant has said that the vehicles would be stored inside and
long-term only. Mr. Boger reported that the Planning Commission had voted
unanimously to recommend approval of the permit.

During Public Comment, MS. EMMA WARDLAW said that her brother owns property
across from the proposed building and lives in Maryland but plans to move
back to the area upon retirement. She said that he is concerned about having
a commercial building in a residential area.
MS. EDITH NAPIER WARDLAW, Arrington, expressed concern with having a
commercial public garage in the middle of a housing area, between two
churches and adjacent to a community center. She said that the proposed
metal building and chain link fence is not conducive to community. She said
that the Heritage Center was not notified.

Following Public Comment, Mr. Harvey noted that the adjoining property
owners would have been notified, with the county being the owner of the
property at the Heritage Center. Mr. Johnson said that the Pine Hill Church
was not notified and Mr. Boger said that it appeared it was not. After
further discussion, it was decided that if the Church was not notified as
required by state code, the issue would have to be readvertised, adjoining
landowners notified again and the application returned to the Planning
Commission for consideration and recommendation. Supervisors took no action
pending a review of the notifications in this case.

CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT/MR. PAUL S. MAMOKOS: The applicant applied for a
permit to construct a cabin on his 5.548-acre property located on Forest
Lane, New Land Subdivision in Faber. The applicant stated that he plans to
build a 30-foot diameter fabric dome cabin with water, sewer and electric.
Mr. Boger reported that, subsequent to the Planning Commission meeting, the
applicant had supplied documentation on the Health Department’s approval of
the septic system and drainfield and detailed information on the proposed
structure. With no public comment, Supervisors voted unanimously to approve
the permit.

Executive Director of BRMC, presented an overview of the proposed expansion
of the Center, specifically the new dental facilities. With no public
comment, Supervisors voted 5-0 to adopt a resolution of support and
endorsement for an application for funding and to authorize the County
Administrator to execute the required grant documents.

Meeting continued to 4:00pm on Wednesday, March 17, 2010 for a budget work

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