Major Flooding Across Nelson From Heavy Overnight Rains : Evacuations : 1.15.10

Rainfall totals from across Nelson County as of 6:30 Monday morning. Click to enlarge.
Rainfall totals from across Nelson County as of 6:30 Monday morning. Click to enlarge.

Nelson County, Virginia
As forecast, major pounding heavy rains moved into Nelson County Sunday night. The absolute worst appears to be in the far SE section of Nelson in the community of Gladstone. Many people there have been evacuated from their homes.

Nelson County Public Schools have been closed due to the flooding.

In Greenfield, route 635 was impassable just east of Route 151 due to a swollen Rockfish River covering the road.

In Massies Mill, Nelson Sheriff, David Brooks, says flooding is a concern as well.

Kevin Rose in Rockfish, VA reported to us this morning; “The Rockfish River at Rockfish, Va is now over coming its bank. I just went outside and it is barely over the bank. This means that the river could be close to the road, if not over it in low lying areas. I’ve seen worse in 10 years, but not in the last 4 years… We are now getting wind and hopefully the last rain band. Be careful everybody!”

Jennifer Anderson Smith wrote us on our Facebook page to say; “I hear rt 250 up Afton Mt has a lot of water and gravel around the train trestle and Afton Terrace. Cars are spinning and losing traction. Be careful!”

Helen Dodge via our FB page; “”Crabtree Falls Hwy & Cub Creek have some areas flooded.”

If you click on the image above it, gives a summary of the rainfall amounts from across Nelson. The highest looks to be at Devils Knob where just under 6″ of rain had fallen by 6:30 am Monday.

Many more updates late this morning and if you have flooding pic, send them on to us!


  1. Our first floor is filling up with water and there is a river of water coming down off the mountain where no river or even stream exists. Our sump pump can not keep up. Also North Branch school is on a 2 hour delay. Make it stop Tommy!

  2. Thanks for the North Branch update, and sorry to hear about your flooding.

    I can confirm 250 near Afton Terrace was covered with water and gravel.

    It was too dark to take pictures when I left for town.


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