Round 2 Of Arctic Weather On Way By Week’s End! : 1.5.10

©2010 : This graphic shows the progression of the next cold wave.
©2010 : This graphic shows the progression of the next cold wave.

Nelson County, Virginia
Don’t let the fire go out, and don’t even think of putting up the heavy coats for a long time. After several days of temps never reaching the freezing mark for day time highs, another reinforcing round of cold weather is on the way arriving by the weekend. Accu Weather talks about the advancing cold weather here.

There is also a chance for some snow overnight Thursday into Friday morning. Exactly how much is still unknown, but some light accumulating snow seems reasonable with this next system arriving near the end of the week. More discussion here, again from Accu Weather. It appears the precipitation energy with this next system will go to our north, but any change in the course could give us more – than less snow. Stay tuned.

Full updates over in Tommy’s Audio Weather here.


  1. Global warming anyone? This is great for us “skiers / boarders”. More snowmaking vs. the usual Jan. “thaw” that historically has come around this time.


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