Crews Still Working To Get Roads Clear : 12.21.09

©2009 : Photo By Tommy Stafford : Traffic follows a VDOT crew late Sunday afternoon heded into Nellysford, Virginia
©2009 : Photo By Tommy Stafford : Traffic follows a VDOT crew late Sunday afternoon heded into Nellysford, Virginia

Nelson County, Virgina
Road crews made tremendous progress Sunday on getting primary roads cleared across the area. However, many secondary roads have not been plowed with many folks still stuck at home. Route 664 heading up to Wintergreen was still littered with abandoned vehicles late Sunday, but the road was passable with many people heading up to grab some of the best skiing in many years. Primary roads such as Route 151 and 29 have a vast majority of the snow removed, though snow pack still remains in spots along those routes. Crews will be out in full force again Monday working to finish primary roads and begin clearing secondary ones.

CVEC also reports as of Sunday evening that all of it’s customers have power restored.

A flurry or two may be seen early Monday morning, but nothing major. Partly sunny skies will be the rule with with cold temps for day time highs.

A more significant weather system is in the extended forecast by Christmas Eve night. More in Tommy’s Weather here.


  1. THREE CHEERS and a hearty THANKS! to all of the good folks working out of the CVEC red and black trucks these past few days. President Obama could not print enough money to pay me to get out there, even if I was spry enough to do it, and climb poles and mess with downed lines in the weather we had Saturday. Those men and women are the real community heros.
    Dominion Power, on the other hand, is still struggling, in spite of the fact that they made a much higher profit margin last year than Wal Mart.
    CVEC > all customers power on, and done at NO PROFIT WHATSOEVER. VA Power > Too big and profit minded to keep power on, and too powerful to refund outragrous profits made from customers who are struggling in a bad economy. Shame, shame!

  2. Agree with the kudos about CVEC and also “our” VDOT people! I tried to go up to C’ville around 9:00 AM this morning — Rt. 29 in Nelson County was as clear as could be. Once I crossed into Albemarle, it was an entirely different story: most of the first six miles had only one lane partly open, and both were semi-covered with compressed snow (read ice) and very bumpy. When I got as far as the Cove Creek store, I threw in the towel.

    I counted at least 21 abandoned vehicles, almost all of which were in Albemarle.

  3. I agree Chuck. Coming from Fluvanna this morning, Fluvanna main roads were pretty clear and passable…then into Albemarle County…BOOM, covered in bumpy ice and snow.. the same experience.
    Into Nelson we came and the roads looked GREAT! Nelson County and Fluvanna get a big thumbs up! Albemarle, two thumbs down!


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