CVEC Outage Status Report : Updated 7PM : 12.19.09


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Updated 7PM via Facebook:
Their post around 6PM Saturday night.

Central Virginia Electric Cooperative Crews have restored service to about 250 members served by the Whitehall Substation and 90 members served by the Martins Store Substation

Earlier Post:
The latest from CVEC as of 3pm:

December 19, 3:00 PM:

The level of power outages have continued to rise as downed trees have damage powerlines. Crews have been hindered by difficult travel on secondary roads and in mountainous terrain. The work is slow, difficult and dangerous as the linemen must first reach and then clear trees that have fallen on powerlines and damaged poles.

There are significant outages on distribution circuits in areas served by the Whitehall and Midway Substations in Albemarle County and there are several outages in the Martins Store Substation in Nelson County. These area had high snow accumulation and have steep terrain.

With over 1400 affected members, crews may be able to restore a significant number of services if all goes well, but it is unlikely that all outages will be clear today


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