Planning Commission : 12.16.09


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Present: Ms. Philippa Proulx, Ms. Emily Hunt, Mr. Mike Harman, Ms. Linda
Russell, Mr. Mike Tapager and Mr. Tommy Bruguiere (Board Liaison)

SITE PLAN/MR. PAUL CANGIALOSI – The applicant submitted a site plan for an
approximate 200 sq ft customer area in an existing building located at 917
Gladstone Road in Gladstone to operate a restaurant (carry-out pizzeria).
With no public comment, Commissioners voted 6-0 to approve the site plan as

representing the applicants, submitted a final plat to divide 6.36 acres
into two lots of 4.2 and 2.16 acres. The property is located at 215 Flying
Eagle Court in Nellysford. With no public comment, Commissioners voted 6-0
to approve the final plat.

applied for a permit to build two weekend retreat or guest cabins on
property located at 274 Shannon Farm Lane in Afton. Both cabins will be
non-electric and have alternative plumbing and will be used for guests and
retreats. Mr. Boger reported that Shannon Farm is an Intentional Community
on 488.65 acres with no individual lots or private roads. He noted that the
Master Plan for the community does not indicate how the tract of land could
be developed and buildings constructed have been located on theoretical
lots, which technically do not exist as the property is not a recorded
subdivision. Mr. Boger said that the two proposed cabins would be a 16’x16’
traditional log cabin and a rustic cabin of 1,000 sq ft. He noted that
Section 4-1-a lists “cabin” as one of the uses permitted by permit. Since
the ordinance uses the singular form of cabin, the Commission and Board of
Supervisors would have to decide if more than one cabin can be located on a
tract of land.

Mr. Allen Dolleris and Ms. Cheryl Smolen were present to represent Shannon
Farm. Mr. Dolleris verified that in 1985 when the Master Plan was presented
to the county, there were 38 planned sites and 17 existing dwellings. Ms.
Russell said that she is concerned that, because the Master Plan is not
specific, there could be 100 houses on the property down the road. Mr.
Dolleris said that the 60 members of the Association own the property and
make all decisions. He said that the movement of the members has been to
slow growth and that the group is not looking at any new clusters at this
time. Ms. Russell asked whether all existing sites have been developed and
Mr. Dolleris said that they have not, that there are some empty sites. Mr.
Harman asked whether the cabins would have individual wells. Mr. Dolleris
said that they would share an existing well on the site. Ms. Proulx, noting
that the ordinance allows one cabin per lot, said that she is always
hesitant to do anything that starts down the slippery slope to allow more.
She asked whether the Association could accomplish what it wanted with one
larger cabin, possibly with a divider to create two spaces. Ms. Smolen said
that the cabins are to provide privacy. After further discussion, Mr.
Dolleris said that he and Ms. Smolen would need to consult with the
Association to determine what options might work. With no public comment,
Commissioners voted 6-0 to continue to issue to their January meeting.

PROPOSED AMENDMENT TO SECTION 12-12 – This section originally required a
special use permit for the placement of a mobile home. The amendment changes
the language to require a zoning permit from the Planning Director prior to
electric connection to a manufactured home, mobile home, recreational
vehicle or travel trailer. Commissioners voted 6-0 to recommend approval of
the amendment.

APPLICATION FORM – Commissioners reviewed a draft updated application for
rezoning, Special Use/Conditional Use permits, Minor and Major Site Plans,
Zoning Ordinance Amendments and Subdivision Plats. After making minor
changes and additions, the Commission returned the draft to staff for

PROPOSED AMENDMENTS TO ARTICLES 12, 13 and 16 – Article 12 and Article 13
deals with procedures related to Zoning Permits and Special Use/Conditional
Use Permits. Commissioners reviewed the second draft and identified
additional questions for the County Attorney. Article 13 deals with site
plans and proposes requirements for minor and major site plans.
Commissioners reviewed the second draft, making minor changes and identified
questions for the County Attorney. Staff was directed to submit the
identified questions to Mr. Payne for further Commission discussion at their
January meeting.

Meeting adjourned.

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