Rockfish Valley Burglaries Have Folks On Extra Watch : 7.28.09

©2009 : The entrance at Tuckahoe Antique Mall just north of Nellysford after an attempted burglary this past weekend.
©2009 : The entrance at Tuckahoe Antique Mall just north of Nellysford after an attempted burglary this past weekend.

Rockfish Valley
Nelson County, Virginia

The most recent attempted burglary and vandalism of a Rockfish Valley business has folks living in the area on extra watch. This past weekend burglars attempted to break into Tuckahoe Antique Mall just north of Nellysford on Route 151. The burglars didn’t get in, but did lots of damage to the building including cutting the main power supply to the business. Folks driving by over the weekend noticed the yellow tape blocking the entrance where broken glass was strewn across the sidewalk. “They didn’t gain access to the building, but did do a lot of damage in the process of trying to get in,” says Nelson County Sheriff, David Brooks.

It’s the latest in what seems to be a growing rash of vandalism, building, and auto burglaries in the area. A few weeks ago two people had their cars broken into while attending a performance at The Hamner Theater inside the Rockfish Valley Community Center. The burglars broke out the windows and grabbed whatever was in plain sight on the seats of the cars. The same thing has happened recently at two area restaurants along 151 in the Afton area as well. “We’ve had another recent occurrence where several cars were broken into at the Wingina Landing on the James River,” Sheriff Brooks continues.

Recently thieves are reported to have broken into the SuperTest Gas Station in nearby Greenwood on Route 250. Again, phone lines were cut to the building in an attempt to by-pass alarm systems.

Folks in the area are urged to keep an extra watch for suspicious activity and contact law enforcement if they do see something strange going on. Obviously, common sense steps like ample lighting around businesses and your home at night help as well. And securing purses, wallets and other items in your car, our of sight. “We are taking some steps we can’t disclose publicly to apprehend the people responsible for these crimes. “Though many have been concentrated in the Rockfish Valley, they are still widespread and random in nature, which makes catching them very difficult,” Sheriff Brooks added.



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