Tough Night For Nelson Govs : George Mason Wins 2-0 Here At Home : 5.28.09

Photos By Paul Purpura : ©2009 NCL Magazine : Austin Truslow with the Nelson County High Schools Govs gives it all he's got at Wednesday evening's game against GM. Click on any photo to enlarge.
Photos By Paul Purpura : ©2009 NCL Magazine : Austin Truslow with the Nelson County High Schools Govs gives it all he's got at Wednesday evening's game against GM. Click on any photo to enlarge.

Nelson County, Virginia

As hard as they tried, The Nelson County High Govs just couldn’t pull out another win Wednesday night against George Mason High from Fairfax, Virginia. The game ended with a score of 2-0 here at home. Earlier in the week The Govs beat Buckingham in Region B Tournament Play.

A huge thanks to Paul Purpura for grabbing these shots for us at Wednesday evening’s game! Scroll for plenty more pics and remember you can click on any of them to enlarge.












  1. Didn’t know how to post this, so.
    Question.Why did the Electric “COOP” need TWO new Gazebos (trucked in from PA) to
    enhance the palacial headquarters in Arrington. The turn poor peoples electrcity off while
    making their own working conditions EVEN MORE CUSHY?

  2. First, let me say congratulations to the NCHS soccer team for a great season. Nelson has established a reputation for very good soccer teams that represent the county well on and off the field, and this year the team continued that tradition. A special congratulations to Coach Harris, the Dogwood District Coach of the Year, and to Clark Goodling, the Player of the Year in the District!

    The athletic programs in a rural school division play an important role for the students and the community. This year, we have been fortunate to have success in competition with a number of teams. Just as importantly, the athletic teams have successfully developed new skills in teamwork and leadership for some students, and they have provided a positive outlet for Nelsonians in a year that has brought a lot negative news on the economic and personal fronts.

    Let me add that the topic of the six foot gazebos purchased from a Tye River vendor to provide shelter from the weather for smokers is not appropriate here. If there is a concern about any of the CVEC facilities, or about whether the Cooperative delinquent accounts policy is fair or fairly enforced, please call the Cooperative any day and we are open to discussing the topics.

  3. Congrats to the soccer team for a great year. Sounds like the Nelson team played their hearts out, but the Mason bench was simply too deep for Nelson to withstand. The Govs should be mighty proud of their accomplishments, though.

    Now, for that one disgruntled individual who seems to think that the employees of our local electric coop work in a palacial and cushy environment ( the person who couldn’t seem to find the phone number of the coop on his/her electric bill,~~ probably the one that went unpaid, which in turn caused the electricity to be turned off ~~ at the expense of every other coop member, by the way).
    That’s actually a pretty good question ~~ since it is all of the members’ money that is spent down there. So, since Mr/Mrs “Unamonous” was unable to do it, I called and asked someone at the coop what was up. I mean, it was, after all, part of MY money, too, that went into buying those things.
    Here’s the deal: Central Virginia Electric Cooperative is a smoke- and tobacco-free workplace. There is no smoking allowed inside coop buildings, so these gazebos, wherever they came from, are being provided to employees who still choose to smoke or have not been able to quit yet. According to one nice lady at the coop, the smoking cessation program is part of an on-going wellness and health program, which in turn helps to reduce insurance costs, AND IT MAKES PEOPLE HEALTHIER so they can make sure that the lights stay on.
    So let’s see, it saves money on insurance (saving all members money), it makes people healthier (saving members’ money), it helps keep our lights on in a roundabout way, but it still respects individuals for their personal rights to do whatever they choose to their own bodies. Hmmmm, I fail to be able to find fault with that. I suppose Mr/Mrs “Unamonous” would prefer if the electric coop was less concerned with saving members’ money, less concerned with making employees healthier, or less concerned with respecting individual rights?!? I heard that Lufstansa Airlines can arrange tickets for you to Pyongyang, North Korea, if those are the conditions you seek.
    The only thing “cushy” about what I have seen when I went to Arrington to pay my bills was the comparison to the old headquarters in Lovingston, which looks like something out of an old, old black and white horror movie. Other than that, it’s pretty basic.
    As for me, the coop folks should get more “cush” and less “flack”. I don’t see lines of people forming to become linemen to go out in minus-15 degree ice and snow in the middle of the night to climb poles and handle electric lines. Not even Obama could print enough money to pay ME to do that! And my house is where friends come to eat and clean up when Dominion Power can’t keep THEIR lights on.
    So to Mr. or Mrs. “Unanomous”, next time just ask. 434-263-8336 (worked for me) or their web site, since we know you have internet. Don’t try to humiliate anyone, especially people who go out in all sorts of weather to keep the lights on for ungrateful people like you. They’ll politely give you an answer, even if you haven’t paid your bill.

  4. I find very hard to believe that Mr./Mrs. Unamonous has the time to actually say anything about poor people and bills. Everyone in this time has an issue with their bills…Unfortunately some choose to pay their bills FIRST…so they don’t get turned off. As far as “Cushy” Take a walk in anybody’s shoes at the “CO-OP”…I know a lot of people that are employed at the Cooperative and their jobs are not cushy…Oh as far as trucking in gazebos get a life . Ride in your community the Gazebos are all over…Nelson, Madison Heights… You can get them anywhere. Thank you For you community support Mr. Wood and Mr. Barnswallow…GO GOVS

  5. Thanks for your concise response relative to the exorbitant outlay for the purchase of the Gazebos that were inported from PA. for the cigarette smokers that work at the Coop.

  6. Yes….now back to boys soccer. The team did well and congratulations to the coach. But…the coverage of the boys soccer team at NCHS this season was less than dismal, and there was zero coverage of what happened to the coach who started the program, a story which should have appeared along with the former football coach, and AD at the high school. Although recommended by the principal and retired AD, his name was pulled at the school board by the superintendent, and although he was All State Coach of the year the previous season, there was no reason given for this obviously biased treatment of the man by a few powerful individuals. Get back to some real news Times, and cover boys soccer, one of the most successful programs in the history of the school, like you cover football and baseball. Stop being so provincial.


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