Happy Memorial Day : 5.25.09

Flags fly in observance of Memorial Day in Nelson County, Virgina
Flags fly in observance of Memorial Day in Nelson County, Virgina

Nelson County, Virginia
Today grills will be fired up all across Nelson and the rest of the country. Lots of folks are off today for a holiday. Lots of folks aren’t either. They are the people in our armed forces that continue the battle day in and day out regardless of the holiday. While we all celebrate a day of rest and fun with our friends, please remember why we actually have Memorial Day. You can read lots more interesting history on Memorial Day here as well.

Whether you agree or not with the battles our military is called into, remember the people fighting the battle. It’s not their decision regardless. They won’t be at the barbecue, they won’t be grilling hamburgers and hot dogs. At least not with their families here at home. And thousands and thousands more will never come home, they left a long time ago for our country. Never to return in person.

So while we grill and have that cold beer, or ice cold lemonade, watch our kids play in the yard, or whatever you may be doing today. At least pause, if only for a second, and remember the people who have, and continue to make it possible for us to do whatever we feel like doing today.


  1. Thanks to all veterans, the TRUE heroes of America today.
    God Bless and protect our troops, wherever they may be.

  2. I would just like to say to all who have fought and or fallen in battle. Thank you. I can’t even show how much I appreciate your service. I am not trying to give a plug for a show or anything, rather you like him or hate him, Glenn Beck had a great Memorial Essay on his show on Friday. It is on his website for free, you will need wmv. It brought me to tears. Thank you again


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