Page Murder Suspects Appear in Court :: 05.13.09 3:39 PM

© 2009 Nelson County Life. Austin Griffin (left, from previous arrest photo) and Christopher Meeks are charged with 1st degree murder in the death of Opal Page.
© 2009 Nelson County Life. Austin Griffin (left, from previous arrest photo) and Christopher Meeks are charged with 1st degree murder in the death of Opal Page.

Albemarle County, Virginia
Austin Griffin and Christopher Meeks remain in a Charlottesville jail this afternoon following a video hearing in front of Nelson County General District Court Judge Joe Serkes. Griffin’s family indicated to the court they would be hiring their own attorney to represent Griffin. Griffin’s attorney, however, had not contacted the court as of early Wednesday afternoon, according to Nelson County Sheriff David Brooks. Because of this, Judge Serkes granted a one week continuation of the hearing.

Meeks was appointed Charlottesville attorney David Heilberg to represent him.

Griffin and Meeks are expected to appear in court again next week. They are both charged with the 1st degree murder of Opal Page, a retired Rockfish River Elementary School teacher’s aide.

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  1. Well if I had been the judge I wouldn’t have granted anything to that boy , but the one thing I want to know is why get a lawyer when everyone knows that they are quilty. The evidence is there and I don’t want to hear anyone say innocent until proven quilty because they got caught and now they will pay for what they have done. I can’t believe what this world has come too and people like them are the reason this world has come to what it has today.

  2. Becasue it is the law. Everyone is Innocent until proven guilty untill they go through the whole court process…Thats just they it is…Nobody Saw this comming. Sure they commint some crimes before but if you knew Chris and Austin you would’ve think they would have murder them…But they Messed up and taken a life….. So they must pay the price….

  3. I say why go to court they should both fry they should have some volts going through them thatb the power goes out over the whole state … Ms page didn’t get a trail for her life and they shouldn’t get one also … I pray for them all and hope justice is served to the highest possible way … We miss u ms page luv ya still

  4. Does anyone know why these two men were picked up for it. As in what led the sheriff to charge them with the crime? I would just like to know. I could care less if they were in trouble before, I am not judging them on past actions. I am just wondering what led the sheriff to them. Fingerprints? Descriptions? Hair strands? I am just curious.

  5. I don’t think they have said what led them to those two all I have heard them say that the eye witness was the key … Maybe the outfits are ones they had on during other crimes … I would like to know myself and why would they have done something so horrible to such a sweetheart … Its something I will never forget and I know I aint the only one … Miss u ms page I know u are watching down on all your kids (school kids and birth kids) always in our heart

  6. I think that both of them should be locked up in a room and tied up and beaten with a bull whip unitl they bleed and then fill the room full of flies. and let the flies take them out ,that i think would be the correct punishment.

  7. the boys are guilty. i should say the men they stopped being boys long ago. the cops did a very good job in finding evidence to prove so. all there doing by going to court is going through the motions. this time the gloves do fit (oj simpson) or should i say sneakers.

  8. terri has the question that we need answered “why did they do it”. the other questions have all been answered. who did it? we know. how they did it? we know. do they the right guys? yes. but why the hell did they have to kill her in such a horrific manner. why they have to kill her at all. she was 73yr old lady who loved life and everbody she ever met. Ive known her for ten years, never did she say anything bad about anyone. always greeted you with a smile. if the world was full of opal pages you wouldnt be sitting here reading this.

  9. yes, killing is killing but what you guys are talking about is cruel. if you knew the boys or not you dont know for sure if they did it. you werent there. if they are found guilty okay they will pay for what they did, but you shouldnt go around saying stuff like that. they have familys to who never asked for this. what if it was your own on that stand? i bet you would change your mind then.

  10. I totally agree with frknface….the punishment they get is for the court to decide and not you!!! And we will NEVER know why they did wat they did…and no matter what their consequences are…nothing will replace Mrs. Page…just remember that. I don’t know why people have towaste time tinking about what these two guys deserve when you should be praying for all three of these families!!!!

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