Nelson Sheriff Releases Possible Suspect Info In Opal Page Murder : 5.8.09 : 12:20 PM EDT

©2009 NCL Magazine : VA State Police Investigators at the scene of Opal Page's murder Wedbesday night.
©2009 NCL Magazine : VA State Police Investigators at the scene of Opal Page's murder Wedbesday night.

Nelson County, Virginia

As NCL has been telling you since we first broke the story of 73 year old Opal Page’s murder, police are still on the search for her killer(s). Mrs. Page’s car was found Thursday in Waynesboro. Police think the murderer stole the car after crime then abandoned it in Waynesboro. Friday Nelson County, Virgina Sheriff, David Brooks, released more information about possible suspects in the case.

“We had a witness turning from Chapel Hollow Road north onto Route 151 around 5 AM Wednesday morning, the day of Mrs. Page’s murder. That driver reported seeing two suspicious males near the driveway of Opal Page’s driveway,” Sheriff Brooks tells NCL. The first male is described as 5’9″ to 5’10” in height wearing a red hooded zip up sweatshirt. The other male was described as slightly shorter wearing a dark colored zip up sweatshirt and darker colored bluejeans. The witness could not tell the race of either male.

The sheriff continues reviewing video surveillance recordings from area businesses along 151 in hopes of being able to pick up on anything that may help with additional clues in the case. Investigators continued canvassing the neighborhood Friday where Mrs. Page’s car was abandoned in Waynesboro.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Nelson County Sheriff’s Department at 434.263.7050.

More updates throughout the weekend.


  1. I would be a good idea think about it if cars have built in camera and some take the car the police can play the tape back and see who was driving the car …. Ms. Page is in out prayers … she tought me at rockfish sometimes and you couldnt ask for a nicer person … whoever did this to her should be in jail forever and then some …. Rest In Peace Ms. Page you are in a better place cause this world is horrible anymore at least you can be happy and safe now … God bless the family

  2. I wonder if this is in any way related to the carjacking near the substation a few months ago?

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