Amperion, IBEC Team Up For Smart Grid Success : From Smart Grid Today Magazine

Screen grab, courtesy of : ©2009 Smart Grid Today Click for larger view
Screen grab, courtesy of : ©2009 Smart Grid Today. Click for larger view

This is an article that appeared in the online version of Smart Grid Today on April 16th 2009 at

Amperion and IBEC signed a deal whereby the former will provide BPL services and support for high-speed internet access and smart grid applications, said Amperion this morning. The multi-year license and supply agreement covers BPL patents and other power line-related technologies that were developed by the firms. The terms weren’t disclosed.

“The growth of smart grid and the ARRA stimulus funding for rural broadband will accelerate BPL deployments nationwide,” said Amperion CEO Nachum Sadan.

His firm is based in Tewksbury, Mass.

IBEC is based in Huntsville, Ala and provides BPL for retail broadband and smart grid to rural electric cooperatives — and is famously teamed with IBM.

A disagreement over ownership of patents for BPL technology found Amperion and IBEC in a lawsuit last year — allegedly threatened by one and filed in court by the other — that ultimately reached settlement.

Both Amperion and IBEC are long time members of the BPL community.

Amperion last April announced a new product line continuing the firm’s dedication to WiFi as an extension of the BPL network for convenient connectivity.


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