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Nelson County, Virginia

This is the latest information sent out in an email blast Monday afternoon 2.16.09 to IBEC customers in Nelson County.

Martins Store Substation BPL Update
February 16, 2009

IBEC delayed issuing an update on the Martins Store Substation as we waited for confirmation on two important topics.

Martins Store substation T-1 lines released by Verizon: As you know, IBEC has three planned injection points for the Martins Store substation project, each serving the needs of 1/3 of the BPL subscribers on the electric circuits originating from the substation. The injection point at Tanbark in the north Rockfish Valley and the injection point on Rockfish River Road in Faber have been released by Verizon to IBEC. The third, injection point is located at the substation itself. It was released by Verizon on Friday to AT&T (IBEC has a contract with AT&T for the T-1 service and Verizon is responsible for the “local loop” or the physical line.) AT&T tested the three T-1 lines released by Verizon and found that one physical line was not working properly. A Verizon crew will troubleshoot the line, correct the issue and the circuit will then be available to IBEC. IBEC will begin configuring the BPL backbone in that section of the system immediately upon receiving the circuit from Verizon. We will then begin subscriber activation as soon as the system is tested and ready for subscribers. The first subscribers in this area should be online within a week of activation.

Contract Crews Return from Storm Duty: IBEC has had three contract crews hanging the BPL equipment. You probably have seen the Davis H. Elliott trucks. These crews were pulled from the project three weeks ago, along with other electric linemen in Virginia, to assist with power restoration after the ice storms created widespread outages in Kentucky and surrounding states. We reported that crews were due back last Monday, but they were delayed in returning an additional week. Rather than provide an inaccurate report, we waited to verify that the contract linemen had actually returned to the BPL project. The three contract crews have returned to Virginia and will be assisting with the BPL backbone configuration and then work toward the completion of the Customer Access Unit installation.

Line configuration and subscriber activation to continue: IBEC has been slowed in configuring the backbone since the line crews have been away. The reason is that with the initial delay in the T-1 installation, the crews were installed the backbone units without any Internet traffic flowing down the powerlines. While “hanging the units dry” got them into place, the lack of Internet traffic, did not allow the network engineers to monitor the installation, configure each unit as it was installed and direct he crews to units that might require a fine adjustment. IBEC has been waiting for crew availability to adjust a few of the BPL units that along the backbone. That important work will now be accomplished this week and next week if necessary.

IBEC contact and subscriber verification: IBEC has been contacting subscribers to walk them through the activation process, leaving messages if the subscriber is not at home. If you receive a call, please get back in touch with IBEC for activation assistance or to verify that you have BPL service and should be removed from the activation list.

Thank you for your patience and support. Please look for a report of the BPL progress on Friday, February 20.

Any customers that are activated and wish to submit feedback or share their experience with subscribers waiting to come online, please send your comments to service@ibec.net and tell us that you want to let others know about your BPL experience.

Thanks again for your patience,
IBEC Customer Service



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