Augusta Countiains Still Bucking Property Tax Increase & In Bath County It Worked!


Augusta County, VA

We’ve been telling you about the move in neighboring Augusta County, Virginia to raise property taxes after reassessments there ringing so familiar to those we saw in Nelson County saw last year. The fight continues in Augusta with only one BOS member thus far standing with the people over the outrage of the increases.

Apparently when the masses speak up, it does have an impact. SWAC Girl reports in her blog that in Both County last year, the increases were deemed so ridiculous that the appraisal firm was eventually fired and the tax rate rolled back to it’s original rate before appraisal.

It’s interesting that in a time when people across the country are struggling to make ends meet, cutting back in their own households, and reeling in expenses, government somehow doesn’t get the message. They continue to grow, increase spending, and then look to all of us to pay for it.

Note to elected officials, cut government, cut the waste, get your house in order before you come into ours.


  1. We are grateful to our neighbors over the mountain for helping to keep this issue out there. We must rally taxpayers to show up in force to make a statement to our Board of Supervisors on March 11 at 7 pm at the Government Center in Verona. Thanks, Nelson County Life.


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