BPL Installation Update – February 6, 2009



BPL Installation Update – February 6, 2009

IBEC has been waiting for the contract crews to return from storm restoration duty in the Midwest. Contract and cooperative crews from Virginia have been away for almost two weeks, which has slowed the scheduled work. That included help with bringing up the BPL network and completing the installation of Customer Access Units (CAU’s).

On Monday, February 9, the contract crews will patrol the Woods Mill and Tanbark circuits to troubleshoot any BPL regenerators that require an adjustment. Normally, the crews would make modifications as part of the normal installation process but they had to “hang the units dry” since there was not Internet traffic flowing through the BPL backbone as it was constructed.

People are surfing on the Woods Mill circuits and new subscribers are coming online in the Afton area. IBEC has been in contact with some subscribers who must complete the setup process by providing the MAC address from their modem and the connected equipment. If you are one of the people who have been contacted, please get back in touch with IBEC to complete the set-up so that you can enjoy the BPL system.

The last injection point to be activated will be the Martin’s Store substation on February 13, the date being confirmed today. IBEC will bring up the BPL Network the week following Valentine’s Day and begin activating customers from then on.

Any customers that are activated and wish to submit feedback or share their experience with subscribers waiting to come online, please send your comments to service@ibec.net and tell us that you want to let others know about your BPL experience.

Thanks again for your patience,
IBEC Customer Service


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