BPL : Latest Updates From IBEC : Some Customers Activated


Nelson County, Virginia

This is the latest e-mail blast sent out by IBEC Friday afternoon to customers awaiting BPL in parts of Nelson County, Virginia. If you have been activated, drop a comment here and let others know about your experience.

BPL Installation Update – January 23, 2009

IBEC has continued to work with Verizon to connect the Broadband over Powerline System to the rest of the Internet. These connections are located at three different interface points along the CVEC distribution network: The Martins Store Substation, Tanbark Drive in Afton, and on Rockfish River Road in Faber. IBEC added these two injection points after a strong enrollment response in order to balance the load of Internet traffic.

As of January 21, the Rockfish River Road injection point has power, has been tested by Verizon and released to IBEC. IBEC has been configuring the BPL backbone and testing customer connections over the last week and report that the system is operating very well and delivering good rates to the customer premises. IBEC began activating BPL subscribers along the Route 29 corridor and will monitor their connection rates as they proceed.

The injection point at Tanbark Drive has been undergoing testing by Verizon was scheduled to release today, but as of yet we have not been updated on the status of this order. Once released, IBEC will configure the BPL backbone and start bringing customers online in about one week.

The Martins Store substation injection point recently completed equipment installation and is now in testing with Verizon. We have been promised a release date of no later than February 7. There is a good possibility of an earlier date with Verizon’s efforts to expedite the process.

The next step in the process is customer activation. In order to have an orderly process, the IBEC network operations staff will contact subscribers located along the activated segments of the BPL network. Customers will be instructed to power up and connect their modems. IBEC will monitor the modem activation and configuration process and provide assistance if necessary.

IBEC has increased their customer support staff, hiring additional customer service reps, increasing their second level technicians and hiring a call center manager to ensure that all service requests are resolved in a timely manner.

Regarding the BPL network buildout, IBEC has scheduled the installation of another 100 units, due to customer enrollment. A total of 1080 units are now scheduled along the Martin’s Store circuits with 775 units in place.

Any customers that are activated and wish to submit feedback or share their experience with subscribers waiting to come online, please send your comments to service@ibec.net and tell us that you want to let others know about your BPL experience. You may also reach us at 888-423-2275.

Thanks again for your patience,
IBEC Customer Service


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