Evening In The Amazon : Wintergreen Nature Foundation : January 23, 2009


January 23, 2009

6 pm Dinner Theater: The Amazon
Join us for an evening in the Amazon. Sue Carlson, Wintergreen’s consummate traveler will take us on a magical expedition through pictures of her own time there, complete with stories of life in the jungle. The western Amazon rainforest, found in Peru, is known to have the greatest diversity of flora and fauna found in the world. Biologists refer to this region as the “green paradise” of the Amazon forest. Sue will then take us to Macchu Picchu – a world of mystery and magic. Could this be the Nature Foundation’s next Special Trip? $8 members/$12 non-members. Please call ahead to reserve a spot. Bring a covered dish. The Foundation will provide wine and dessert.

You simply must be there!!!

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