Happy New Year! : Congrats to Taylor Ashley BPL Modem Photo Contest Winner! – Update

Photo By Taylor Ashley of Afton, Virginia : BPL Modem, no pulse!
Photo By Taylor Ashley of Afton, Virginia : BPL Modem, no pulse!

Afton – Nelson County, Virginia
Happy New Year everyone! And a big congratulations to Taylor Ashley for his winning series of photos poking a little harmless fun at the dozens of uses for our BPL Modems! The entire history of everything can be read by clicking here.
Update: 1.1.09 : New Year’s Day IBEC sent out a notice that BPL would be activated by week’s end in parts of Nelson County in the Tanbark Drive area. You can read the entire update post by clicking here.

We thought since we are all in the same boat and waiting for service while we have those cute modems, we would start a contest. There were so many great entries, but Taylor went the extra mile and actually tried to bring his back to life!

You can see the rest of Taylor’s entries, and all of the others, by clicking here on the contest page. He wins a $25.00 gift certificate to Ambrosia Bakery & Deli in Nellysford, Virginia! They have tons of yummy things to eat! We’ll be contacting you via e-mail Taylor with details.

Congrats again to Taylor and thanks to all of you who took time to send in your entries!

And in all seriousness, we wish the guys at IBEC the best in their work to get BPL up and going and hope they can laugh along with us!

Happy New Year!


  1. Went to NCL to see temp. man it’s cold, but then saw one of our famous modems. It took a few seconds, but that is #1 & funny as ____. steve

  2. Hahahahahahha, love those pictures!!! Too funny. I think my modem is past reviving, too. Hope it works if we actually get activated soon! I’m not holding my breath.

  3. This is GREAT~ I hope he made it and it doing well…LOL~ Looking forward to meeting the Winner…Congrats!

    Sherry. Ambrosia Bakery & Deli


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