CVEC Information Regarding Power Outages : Power Restored : Update 2:04 PM EST 12.31.08


Updated info from CVEC 2:04 PM EST 12.31.08

Our dispatch center has reported that service has been restored to CVEC members on the north circuit of the Martins Store substation. Repair crews had to replace a broken pole just north of the substation, and then transfer the equipment and lines from the damaged pole to the new pole.

This outage site affected 1208 members north of the substation. With the repair efforts complete, service should be restored to the majority of those members on the north circuit.

There may, however, be additional outage locations further to the north. These individual outages might be caused by downed trees, blown fuses or reclosers that have operated to protect sections of the north circuit. Members who are still experiencing a power outage in the North Rockfish Valley area should alert CVEC by calling 800-367-2832.

It will be helpful if the members use the automated outage management system so that all reported outages can analyzed and crews can be dispatched to the trouble spot and begin restoration work.

Gregory J. Kelly
Member Services & Business Development Director
Central Virginia Electric Cooperative

Update: 1:30 PM EST 12.31.08
Power to customers served out of the Martins Store Substation has been restored.

Here’s the latest information we just got from Greg Kelly over at CVEC.

Thanks for the update Greg!

CVEC has at total of 1650 members without electric service due to the downed power lines from high winds.

While these are spread throughout 14 counties, the majority of outages on the north circuit of the Martins Store Substation due to a broken pole just north of the substation. This affects 1208 CVEC members.

A repair crew is on site and has the necessary materials to replace the pole and re-energize the line. This type of repair will take a longer than one where a tree has fallen onto or through the lines but left the pole intact.

I will send you an update in about an hour, after the crew has had the opportunity get repairs underway and has a better sense of how long it will take to restore service.

Regarding the rest of Nelson County, there was a downed line on Adial Road that presented a fire hazard that has been addressed and there are scattered around the county that affect a few people.

If the winds present a situation where the outages will be more widespread or extended in duration, then CVEC will post information at Thanks for your help

Gregory J. Kelly
Member Services & Business Development Director
Central Virginia Electric Cooperative


  1. Nobody can fight Mother Nature. But when something happens and we lose power, CVEC’s got some of the best in the business out there in the field, working like demons, freezing their butts off, dealing with high power lines in dangerous situations to get our power back on and keep us warm. THEY are the real unsung community heroes. Next time you see a CVEC lineman, shake his hand and thank him for a job well done.

  2. We totally agree Jace. The fact that even more areas haven’t had outages in this kind of wind, shows they have been doing a great job of maintaining the grid so when events like this hit, it survives! Great job CVEC!

  3. CVEC does a great job getting power restored! No matter the situation, they are out quickly working on the problem. Thanks for all the hard work!! Remember them this winter out in the cold!

  4. CVEC,

    Thanks guys for all you do!!! Your crew did a great job in correcting this problem. You all seem to be so fast responding to problems in Nelson County and we all should be proud to be in the CVEC
    area. Some of your men even came by Ashley’s Market and let my employees know how much longer it would be to correct this outage. We are fortunate to have you!!!

    Steve Patrick
    Ashley’s Market
    6445 Rockfish Valley HWY.
    Afton, Virginia 22920


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