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Planning Commission : 12.17.08

[ 0 ] December 17, 2008 |

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Present: Ms. Philippa Proulx, Ms. Emily Hunt, Mr. Mike Harman, Ms. Linda
Russell, Mr. Mike Tapager and Mr. Tommy Bruguiere (Board Liaison)

the applicant.

REZONING/TOMMY & DIANE HARVEY – The applicant has applied to rezone 2.732
acres located on Rt. 840 (Tanbark Drive) in Afton from Residential R-1 to
Agricultural (A-1). Mr. Jim Gates, a partner on the project, reported that
the applicants have received a letter from Martha Jefferson stating their
intent to develop a medical office in 3,500 sq ft of the 5,000 sq ft
proposed building.

During Public Comment, MR. JOHN PUGH, adjoining landowner, said that a
medical office will be an improvement over what is currently on the property
and that the community needs the office.
MS. KELLY MESSNER said that the community needs an updated medical facility.
She said that she currently goes to her doctor at the existing facility
which has parking problems. Ms. Messner said that she believes the new
facility will be easier to get into and out of and not cause traffic

Ms. Russell said that she fully supports the location of a medical facility
on the property but is concerned about what the future uses might be if the
proposed plan does not go through for any reason. She said that there are
uses allowed by right in Agriculture that she would not want to see on that
property and that that is her only reservation about the project. Mr.
Tapager said that he would still like to see rezoning requests first
addressed with a Comprehensive Plan amendment to smooth the process.
Commissioners voted 6-0 to recommend approval of the rezoning.

Boger reported that VDOT has looked at the site and believes an entrance can
be installed to comply with state standards and that the entrance will meet
sight distance requirements. He also noted that a soil consultant has
evaluated the soils at the site and determined they are suitable for the
proposed use – offices, professional and services. With no Public Comment,
Commissioners voted 6-0 to recommend approval of the permit, contingent on
Board of Supervisors’ approval of the rezoning and submission and approval
of a site plan.

REZONING/JOHN & PATRICIA PUGH – The applicants have applied for a rezoning
of the front portion of their property from Residential R-1 to Agricultural
A-1. The property is located at 210 Tanbark Drive in Afton. The property
is presently zoned Residential R-1 and Agricultural A-1 and the purpose of
the request to zone the entire 9.11 acres Agricultural. Mr. Boger presented
several different maps of the property and surveys of adjoining properties,
noting that the tax maps are not correct in that they show the parcel as
#6-A-31 and 6-A-32 without showing where the property lines are to divide
those two parcels. Mr. Pugh explained that the property which fronts on
Tanbark Drive has a 250-foot strip of Residential zoning as well as a
250-foot strip of Residential zoning on the Rt. 151 frontage but that the
property has been used for hay and pasture for over 30 years. He said that
he requested the rezoning to have his property all one zoning type and to
make the zoning agree with the actual usage of the property.

With no Public Comment, Commissioners voted 6-0 to recommend approval of the
rezoning of all Residential and Agricultural portions of the 9.11 acre lot
located on Tanbark Drive and Rt. 151 and listed as Parcel #6-A-31 and 6-A-32
to Residential R-1.

ZONING ORDINANCE AMENDMENT – With no Public Comment, Commissioners voted 6-0
to recommend approval of Section 2-92-1: “Wood yard: a parcel of land, or
portion thereof, used for the commercial storing and marketing of logs.”


Commissioners agreed to review and consider proposed Zoning Ordinance
amendments for:

– Division Rights in Agricultural A-1 Districts (family subdivisions);
– Definition and provisions to allow for seasonal dwelling units;
– Definition and provisions for Country Stores;
– Definition and provisions for Small Wind Energy; and
– Updates for the Communication Tower Ordinance

Meeting continued until Wednesday, January 7th at 7:30pm for a work session
on the proposed amendments listed above.

Copyright 2000-2008 by Rural Nelson, Inc. All rights reserved. Reports may
be reprinted or excerpted with attribution.

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