BPL Modem Photo Contest : Things You Can Do With Your $99.00 Modem : The Entries Begin!

While most of us have had our BPL modems for months now, still no actual service though. But there are some things you can do with your modem while you wait! Bookend is just one of them.
While most of us have had our BPL modems for months now, still no actual service though. But there are some things you can do with your modem while you wait! Bookend is just one of them.

Afton – Nelson County, Virginia

Update: 12.18.08 10:00 AM
We have our first two entries, they will be up shortly here at BPL Modem Photo Contest.

Lots of us are feeling the frustration of promise after promise of BPL service here in Nelson County. Back in the summer most of use sent in our $99.00 to prepay for the BPL modem with the promise that high speed internet service was just around the corner. Now it’s Christmas, and “in these tough economic times” we are all $100 bucks lighter in the wallet!

Not to worry we are doing our part to help out. We’ve started the BPL Modem Photo Contest. Show us the best way you can make use of your boxed up modem until we do, if ever, get BPL service. You’ve read all of the trials and tribulations here over the past year.

We’ll take and post photo entries until January 1st. The winner will get a 25.00 gift certificate to Ambrosia Bakery & Deli in Nellysford, Virginia to buy something yummy to eat!

Simply mail your photo entries to bplmodem@nelsoncountylife.com. We’ll get up as many entries as fast as possible and the winner will be announced on January 1st, probably before any of us actually have BPL….We’ll drop you an e-mail to let you know, and post it here!

The actual page where you can view everything will be under the drop down Weather Links menu above. Simply roll your cursor over Weather Links and click on the Modem Photo Contest tab to see all of the entries.

We’ll add a few more in this post to give you some ideas, like these:

The modem works as a handy wheel chock!
The modem works as a handy wheel chock!
As a nice hood ornament!
As a nice hood ornament!
Or as a nice roof on your birdhouse!
Or as a nice roof on your birdhouse!

But there have to be more ideas! Let’s see yours!

Be sure to include your name (or you can remain anonymous if you don’t want to use your name) and general location in the county where you are in your e-mail, when sending in the pics!

That’s it, so let the photos begin!


  1. This is very funny — and definitely worthy of everyone’s best efforts.

    But there is a serious side of all this: Verizon is the 500-lb gorilla which does not have to give up its monopoly position. Why would they? I suspect what ultimately gets this thing moving is a political solution initiated by the state regulators at the behest of the county. Rome wasn’t built in a day … but it was fully wired in less than two! Remember that while this has been going on, the 600kbps to 1000 kbps, which BPL is hoping for, is no longer considered high speed by anyone. The wired part of the country has moved on.

  2. *Joe is reading the headlines on NCL.com when he starts to drift asleep. A dream sequence begins.*

    Susan: “Wow Paul so are you saying that its not only a modem?”

    Paul: “Thats right Susan. This wonderful piece of equipment can not only give you internet service but it is also considered the MOST useful object on Earth…Earth…Earth…”

    Susan: “Oh?” She looks puzzled. “So your saying that it can be used for everything?”

    Paul: “Not only everything but anything! Hey Susan, have you ever used a modem to babysit your kids, or wash dishes, or how about a security device. No more worrying about what is happening outside when your not home. With the IBEC modem your worries will disappear.”

    Susan: “Wow thats great! But if it does all that, it must cost a fortune.”

    Paul: ” Let me put it this way. If you were born in England then moved to India. Okay, follow me here.”

    *Susan is shaking her head attentively as if she is following along. But we have all seen these infomercials and know she could care less.*

    Paul: “You lived in India for three months and moved to the U.S. That would cost more then the IBEC modem.”

    * Paul is smiling as if he is proud of the statement he just said.*

    Susan: “Wow, but how much is it?”

    Paul: “What? The moving trip?”

    Susan: “No Paul the modem.”

    Paul: “Well if you order now, in the next ten minutes, you can have this wonderful piece of equipment for just one easy payment of ninety-nine dollars and zero cent. And if you act now I will throw in this nifty cord. But only if you call……NOW!”

    *You hear applauding and the camera shows the crowd going crazy as if they are at a rock concert.*

    Susan: “Thats crazy Paul!”

    Paul: ” No Susan, we’re crazy.”

    *They both laugh like lunatics and stop suddenly. Dream sequence ends and Joe wakes up in a cold sweat.*

    Joe: “Man I’m glad that was a dream. I sure wouldn’t want that modem, it was useless.”

    *Joe looks over near his computer and to his dismay he sees the IBEC modem.*

    Joe: “NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!”

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! Thanks, Joe, now my officemate thinks I’m crazy for laughing hysterically. Maybe we will all wake up and this has been a bad dream. I can’t wait to think of something creative to do with my modem, I just have to find it first. Hmmm….. The wheel chock is a great idea- we have a lot of farm equipment and you never can find a good piece of wood to do the job. Modem to the rescue!!

  4. My friends have suggested using it to make a unique Chai pet…which could probably work with the holes and all…it just might not be sprouting before the end of the photo contest!


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