IBEC & IBM To Team Up In Promoting BPL

Screen Grab of A Yahoo / AP story that moved Wednesday regarding the IBEC / IBM partnership.
Screen Grab of A Yahoo / AP story that moved Wednesday regading the IBEC / IBM partnership.

In a very surprising announcement, NCL has learned from an Afton, Virginia reader who saw this story linked via The Drudge Report, International Broadband Electric Communications (IBEC) will apparently be teaming up with International Business Machines (IBM) to work on improving broadband over powerline. (BPL)

Here’s part of the article:

“Now, with somewhat scaled-back goals, improved technology, and a dose of low-interest federal loans, IBM is partnering with a small newcomer called International Broadband Electric Communications Inc. to try to make the idea work in rural communities that don’t have other broadband options.

Their strategy is to sign up electric cooperatives that provide power to sparsely populated areas across the eastern United States. Rather than compete toe-to-toe with large, entrenched cable or DSL providers, International Broadband is looking for customers that have been largely left out of the shift to high-speed Internet.”

You can read the entire article at Yahoo.com by clicking here.

NCL has been telling you about the delayed deployment underway of BPL by IBEC in conjunction with CVEC in all of these previous stories by clicking here.

-Just what does this mean for BPL here in Nelson, if anything?
-Is Nelson a test site for this?
-Maybe Asa Gage with IBEC can chime in and post a comment, Asa?


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