BPL : Verizon Agrees to Proceed In Providing Internet Backbone For IBEC

Photo By NCL : Part of the equipment that marries IBEC to the Verizon network at the Martins Store Substation
Photo By NCL : Part of the equipment that marries IBEC to the Verizon network at the Martins Store Substation

NCL received word late Friday afternoon from Asa Gage, Director of Network Operations, at IBEC in Alabama, of notification by Verizon that – they (Verizon) would proceed with installation of specialty circuits to connect the BPL network to the internet. We have been telling you about the stand off for weeks here.

The brief e-mail to NCL late Friday from IBEC said:

“Verizon has given us a commitment to proceed. They are supposed to begin installing the remaining two sites and will finish MS1 after testing for GPR.”

We have asked for clarification as to what “GPR” means, but know the “MS1” reference to mean the primary installation at The Martin’s Store Substation at the intersection of VA Route 151 & 6 E.

Verizon, has not, verified this to NCL as of this post.

More as we know.


  1. Tommy– we cannot thank you enough for keeping us informed. And isn’t it “wonderful” news that Verizon wants to buy Alltel!

  2. Hey Susan,

    From what we gather it will now be “sooner than later” but who really knows. If Verizon has in fact agreed to proceed, the remaining work should not take that long. I do know that Asa Gage, from IBEC, has monitored and posted to this thread, so perhaps he can chime back in if he gets additional timetable information.

    Like you we are so ready….

  3. IBEC has sent the following update to all customers.

    IBEC is pleased to announce that the issue regarding Verizon and the backhaul circuits has now been resolved. Verizon has agreed to continue installing the circuits. We will let you know as soon as the circuits are activated. We will then start turning on the first customers a few days after the circuits are online.

    Thanks for your patience,
    IBEC Customer Service

  4. Asa and the IBEC team: Could your folks consider publishing and maintaining a MAP (Perhaps with the help of Tommy @ NCL) which shows weekly progress down 151? If no other site is available, I will volunteer to put up a Wiki or Google Doc graphic and update the map, daily if you like, from data furnished by you as a public service to Nelson County.


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