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BPL : Verizon says; “Not So Fast,” Brakes Put On BPL Activation

Many IBEC boxes like the one above have already been installed and await Verizon's activation of T-1 service for BPL internet to work. [1]

Many IBEC boxes like the one above have already been installed and await Verizon's activation of T-1 service for BPL internet to work.

Updated: 2:00 PM EDT 10-17-08
Thus far we have received no additional information from Verizon, Inc. We will update as soon as we get it.

UPDATED: 7:15 PM EDT Verizon responds:
In an e-mail received this evening, Harry Mitchell with Verizon Media Affairs for Virginia sent the following e-mail with the promise of additional details:

From: harry.j.mitchell
Subject: Re: BPL – Verizon Halts activation to IBEC-1
Date: October 16, 2008 7:00:09 PM EDT
To: tommy.stafford


Sorry for the delay; it has been a busy day.

To your question, we’re still investigating the reported delay in hooking up the BPL system to the Verizon network. Our technology team has not found any approved engineering practices for the types of connections requested, and the intersection of a power network and a telecommunications network has to be handled sensitively, as you can imagine.

I’ll keep you posted, Tommy.

Harry J Mitchell
Verizon Communications
Director-Field Media Relations, Mid-Atlantic/South-Central Regions

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Earlier post:

In a strange twist of events Wednesday evening and Thursday morning, Verizon [8] has told IBEC [9] they are “Putting activation of their circuits feeding BPL equipment on hold.”

In a conversation Thursday morning with, Asa Gage, Director of Network Operations for IBEC, based in Huntsville, Alabama, he tells NCL that everything was ready to go and then Verizon halted activation citing legal issues. “Our equipment was in place, Verizon physically completed the connection to our equipment, then told us they would not activate the service citing legal ramifications,” says Gage. This in spite of the fact that apparently Verizon activated similar additional circuits a few days ago feeding the already established BPL service in the Colleen area.

According to Gage, they became aware of the problem when their bulk buying agent, AT&T was told of the halt in activation. “Depending on the area of the country depends who we actually go through to secure our specialty lines.” In this particular case it is AT&T, who in turn deals with Verizon.

Gage tells NCL they have been given very little information as to why Verizon decided at the last minute to deny service, and a planned meeting on Friday morning in Atlanta between, AT&T, Verizon, and IBEC will hopefully answer those questions and solve the situation. “We have plenty of circuits installed by Verizon in other parts of Nelson and in other parts of the country, but for some reason thy have halted the activation of these lines for legal causes,” Gage continues.

NCL has placed calls to Verizon’s media relations as well as corporate offices. In an e-mail from Harry Mitchell, Virginia Media Relations For Verizon, he told us that he; “Got your voice mail and this. I’ll check around and get back to you.” That was received here at NCL at 12:16 PM EDT.

We will update this story as soon as we have additional information.