Issue’s Forum : North Branch Middle School : November 3rd


Looking for a fresh perspective?

On Monday, November 3, Middle Schoolers at North Branch School in Afton will host a multi-partisan “Issues Forum” for all interested voters. Want to know the candidates’ stands on the issues in plain, clear language? Come by the Middle School classroom between 9 – 10 am on November 3 and ask a Middle Schooler. Each student has chosen one issue prominent in this election and researched the views of John McCain, Barack Obama, and one third party candidate. They will present these views in writing and informal conversation with any adults who would like to know more before they vote. Students have also read Article II of the Constitution, watched the presidential debates, learned about the history of political parties, studied the Electoral College, examined voter demographics, and become well versed in election vocabulary. They can’t vote yet, but they are eager to make a difference by making sure the voters who are eligible get their questions answered before going to the voting booths on November 4. The Issues Forum is free and open to the public.

Any questions? Call Katrien Vance, Middle School teacher at North Branch School at 540-456-8450


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