IBEC: “Verizon Almost Done, BPL To Be Activated Soon?”

The latest update on the IBEC website.
The latest update on the IBEC website.

According to information placed on the IBEC website Friday October 10th, Verizon telephone company has completed their physical installation of lines into the Martins Store Substation that will connect BPL customers to the internet. Activation will be forthcoming.

Here’s what the IBEC site says:

Verizon installed the Internet connection at the Martins Store substation and will activate it in the next several days. IBEC is planning to connect the BPL “head-end” servers and routers early next week, providing broadband connectivity for those subscribers where BPL equipment has been installed to their home or business. An IBEC service representative will contact each subscriber to complete the individual set-up process as soon as the BPL signal is available at the customer premises.

The Davis H. Elliott installation crews have returned from their restoration work on the Gulf coast after Hurricanes Gustav and Ike rendered thousands without electric service. The crews are now working full time to extend BPL service along the three electric circuits originating out of the substation, one proceeding north along Route 151, one proceeding south along Route 151 and one proceeding along Route 6 east and points beyond.

To see where you are located in relation to the Martins Store Substation, use the substation finder here. Zoom in on the map to substation number 1 and then locate your position along one of the three circuits served by the Martins Store substation.

Note: If you receive power from a substation other than Martins Store or Colleen, then BPL service is not yet available in your area.

E-mail inquires for updates a week ago to IBEC Headquarters in Huntsville, AL by Nelson County Life Magazine have gone unanswered, and there have been no updates to the IBEC site until today since September 11th. Contractor crews on the ground here in Nelson have been very good about keeping customers informed about what has been taking place, though nothing official has been coming out of IBEC until Friday on their website.

It “sounds” as though service will be coming soon. Anyone that is contacted by IBEC to activate service please post a comment here so others will have some idea as to what’s taking place.

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