A New Nelson County Life!

Nelson County Life's Newest Member, Adam Thomas Stafford Born This Sunday Morning At 11:49 AM
Nelson County Life's Newest Member, Adam Thomas Stafford Born This Sunday Morning At 11:49 AM

The Afton Group and Nelson County Life just got their newest member this Sunday morning at 11:49 AM! Adam Thomas Stafford was born at 11:49 AM at a weight of 8 lbs and 1 oz & 19.5 inches long.

Yvette awoke with mild cramping at 7:07AM and by 11:49AM Adam was here! The birth was a total natural delivery, no intervention. Way to go Yvette!

An 8lb 1 oz Boy Has Been Added To The Afton Group!
An 8lb 1 oz Boy Has Been Added To The Afton Group!

Yvette and I want to say thank you to everyone who has been asking over the weekend, and everyone that’s been with us all of the way. What a fantastic place to live and raise a family, and we are so blessed to have to some many wonderful people here in our life!

We’ll post more as we catch our breath!


  1. I hope you include us in the “aunt colony.” We are thrilled that the whole process was so easy for Yvette. Love, Ann and Evelynn

  2. Yea! Baby Stafford is born and officially a “local” We can’t wait to see Adam in his cool overalls and sitting on a tractor

  3. Way to go Yvette & Tommy! Looks like Adam is a big guy.
    Congrats and best wishes from the coast of Maine.
    Henri & Elaine

  4. Congratulations!! We are delighted for you!!

    We wondered why the October issue came out a few days ahead … ;>}

    Enjoy the moment. Every day will be something new!

  5. A definite “Top Story” for 2008!! Great name! My Adam told me to say that, but I think it’s a great one too! I’m sure TV news will be off limits for yet another Adam! And now you two, get ready for the biggest, but without a doubt, the best assignment of your lives! You both deserve it. Congratulations!!

  6. He is adorable. I knew he would be. Looking forward to holding me and watching him grow. Give him a kiss from Aunt Milly. I’m so happy for you guys.

  7. Welcome little Adam! He is a very blessed little boy to have such great parents. Hope that you all enjoy every single day of this great adventure!

  8. I had a feeling Tommy and Yvette, that it was going to happen this weekend. I am so happy for all three of you, and I am thankful that everything went well.

    Like you say, this is a wonderful place to raise a family.

    Talk to you soon.

    Best regards,

  9. WHAT A BLESSING! We are so excited for you and so glad everything went well. Best Wishes and Get Some Rest. Keep the pictures coming! We love you all, Misty & Doug

  10. Yay!! Jackson can’t wait to show Adam how to ride a tractor and play in the creek. Congrats Tommy & Yvette, you have the most amazing times ahead. What a blessing! – C, A & J

  11. What wonderful news! Enjoy each moment as the years will fly by. Adam is adorable and very blessed to have you both as parents. We look forward to seeing baby Stafford around town. We have been in Kiawah and were thrilled come home to such awesome news for you and Yvette! Congratulations!!!

  12. I was thinking about you guys over the weekend! I am so excited for your family! Please email ME more pictures when you can…Expect a care package soon from Mickey Mouse and the gang at Disney World!

  13. We SAW the flag coming back from church, and wondered if that was the news! How wonderful for the two of you. The GREAT years are on the way for the two of you. Please bring him to play in the woods behind the cabin. Little boys should dig holes and build ‘forts’ instead of sitting in front of computers like you and me.

  14. Congatulations to good friends!! No medicine is more valuable, none more efficacious than friends with whom we may share our happiness in time of joy. Lee and I are so very happy for you both and of course for Adam Thomas who completed the 9 month the journey safely:)

    Tommy and Yvette –always keep in mind that in all ranks of life the human heart yearns for the beautiful; and the beautiful things that God makes are His gifts to all alike. Little Adam Thomas is one of His gifts.

  15. Dear Tommy and Yvette,
    Please Tell Little Adam his 2nd cousin said welcome to the family and world.
    Love Debbie

  16. He’s adorable!!! Bet Aunt Nancy and Uncle Billy are soooo proud, as are ya’ll!!! Janie sent me this website.

  17. Congratulations!! Well, Yvette, you’ve made this look so unbelievably easy I’m sure little Adam is just the first of a dozen or so, right?? 🙂

    In all seriousness, congratulations on getting him here safely for the rest of us to enjoy! You’ve just embarked on the greatest, most fulfilling journey of your life…

    Rest easy and often,
    Dawn (and the other Bridge’s)

  18. Congratulations from South Florida!! We are thrilled for you! Enjoy the moments…..
    Adam Thomas will be asking for the car keys before you can blink your eyes!
    When he is ready we will take another road trip to Tennessee in the snow!
    Love you guys…and welcome to “life as you have known it is about to change club!”
    Joe and Dana

  19. Yahoo! Way to go Yvette…get it done! Congratulations to both of you. Can’t wait to see him.

    PS Great name…from another Adam’s mom.

  20. I am Soooo incredibly thrilled for the two of you, plus little Adam! The mystery name is now unveiled. What a beautiful name it is!! Now..I have more hair to “do”! Woo-hoo!! Love to you all!

  21. And the winner is (in addition to both of you) Tessa Seitz. Congrats. It must been the dinner the night before.

  22. We wondering who it was! We are all back home and settling in now! Just catching our breath. Think I’ll do take out from there tonight! See you soon and congrats George!

  23. Jack and I are so happy for you guys. Another little man in the neighborhood. Yvette, I still can not get over your quick delivery, good for you. We can’t wait to meet Adam. I see playdates in our future. Get lots of rest and enjoy every minute, they pass so fast.

  24. Great! Yvette, you sure are punctual. Bless the Aunt Colony. Nelson is a wonderful place to live.

  25. “It sometimes happens, even in the best of families, that a baby is born. This is not necessarily cause for alarm. The important thing is to keep your wits about you and borrow some money.” Elinor Goulding Smith

    Congratulations Tommy and Yvette –
    Welcome to parenthood! What wonderful news… We are all very happy for you guys.
    Alanna and Delaney (your future babysitters) cannot wait to meet baby Adam. He is adorable.
    When you’re ready for a toast to the new blessing in your “Nelson County Life”, we have some Black Rock Chardonnay Reserve chilling with your names on it!
    Cheers! Jeff, Tam, Alanna, Delaney and everyone at Wintergreen Winery

    “Making the decision to have a child – it’s momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking outside your body.” Elizabeth Stone

  26. Welcome to Nelson County, Adam. Where truth is stranger than fiction… and your parents will probably be writing about it.

    A perfect example of minority rule is a baby in the house.
    Milwaukee Journal

    God Bless!

  27. Tommy & Yvette,
    Wishing you and baby boy a world filled with God’s blessings.

  28. He’s wonderful!!! I know ya’ll are so excited and are going to be great parents!! Let me know if ya’ll ever head to Tennessee! We need to get Adam and Jayden together for some photo ops… and then maybe one day we can be in-laws! (Okay, I’m thinking way to far ahead)

    Anyway…send more pics!!

  29. We missed all the good new, but happy that everything went well. Let us know when Adam will be able to drive a fire truck. We’ll give you a call in a few day and come up and inspect this beautiful child.

  30. I’m so excited for you all!! From my Thomas to yours, it’s all about snowboards and skateboards. Can’t wait to see more pics, maybe a trip to Wisconsin in the future!!! Love ya P.S. one of my contractors grandparents are from Big Sandy, reminds me of the times of run away parades…..

  31. well… we got back from a little trip on Thursday (Thought about you the whole time) and kept looking for the balloons but never saw them…. finally occurred to me to look on the website (duh!) – sorry for the belated congratulations but you know we are thrilled for you both – can’t wait to meet little Adam!

  32. Adam Thomas Stafford is blessed with top of the line parents. Congratulations!–so glad to get this news!!!
    Lots of love,

  33. I’m so glad you guys finally have Adam out in the world with you (and glad the mystery of the name has come to a close). Yvette, I always knew you were a tough lady, but DANG! all natural? you go, girl!
    Can’t wait to be back in beautiful Nelson County so I can meet him!!
    Miss you much,

  34. From Savannah, we say “Just Fantastic.” Thanks for the beautiful pictures. Becky and I are so Happy for You and Yvette..EVERYTHING ‘changes’ from NOW on. The Grass is greener, the Sky is Blue-er, Your world in now “Hi-Definition.” And the word Stafford ‘Family’…..doesnt that just sound beautiful. Look foreward to seeing more pix in NCL. Becky n Tony

  35. Congratulations from your old haunt in Tennessee! We miss ya. Come see us nextime your over this way.
    Renee @ Royal Group

  36. Tommy…
    Congratulations to you, Yvette and the “Littlest Stafford.” You will be wonderful parents. You seem to have found true happiness with your move to Virginia. Its been a long time since we’ve seen each other when we both worked for Channel 3. I’ve tried to keep a very low profile since my retirement for a lot of reasons but just couldn’t resist sending my best wishes to you and your family.

  37. Wow, Jerry!
    So nice to hear from you as well. It’s been a lot of years since the good old days of television news. You were one of the best to work with, I look back on those days fondly. Thanks for the best wishes to us! And best back to you back in Tennessee!


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