Morning Head-On Collision Kills Shipman Man, 3 Others Injured

The Accident Scene On Oak Ridge Road Just After 8 AM Friday Morning : NCSD Photo
The Accident Scene On Oak Ridge Road Just After 8 AM Friday Morning : NCSD Photo

As we first told you here early Friday morning, a Shipman man lost his life after a head-on collision along Oak Ridge Road in Eastern Nelson County, Virginia. In additional details released by Nelson County Sheriff David Brooks this afternoon, the victim is identified as 43-year-old Richard Evans of Shipman. It was originally thought the last name was Bivens for a short time.

“In the pick up were 3 juveniles from Schuyler, Virginia. At this point it looks like the pickup truck crossed the center lane. Injuries ranged from serious to minor,” Sheriff Brooks tells NCL.

The injured juveniles were taken to UVA Medical Center in Charlottesville.

As news of the accident spread, people who knew the victims began expressing their condolences online. The following was a comment submitted in an earlier post:

This is really a shock for us students at Nelson County High School. Some of us knew them and some of us respected them greatly. We hope that the one in critical condition pulls a miracle for us all. This is an extreme heartache for those who knew Mr. Evans. We are in sympathy of this horrible accident. It happened so fast! It shows how precious life is. WE wish luck to those who are hurting and praying right now. You’re in our thoughts….Forever. Hold onto your loved ones to get through this experience. God is with you and watching over you. Bless the family that is going through this and all who loved him. Bless his children, His wife, and his friends for this tragedy.

We are willing to do whatever it takes to help. Praying for good news! And bless the EMT’s and the police for doing whatever it took to take care of this.. your in our hearts. A great deal of stress im sure was put on these life-savers of nelson county so. bless you and god is with you, too. For the strong ones who ” clean up the mess… when there is one” You’re doing your job and what a great job it is.

Thank you for this oppurtunity to share these feelings.

Sincerly and with Sympathy,

Taylor Kesler & Holie Mitchell (students at NCHS)


  1. Not so far Bill, but from the numbers of comments we see coming from NCHS, lot of folks must know the Evans family. Perhaps Taylor & Holie may be able to shed more information in a future post. Such a sad time for this family and those involved….

  2. We are very upset for this tragedy I myself knew these people… -Taylor

    I hope everyone gets through this.. Its even hard for me -Holie

  3. i am friends with the three teenagers that were involved and i know it was hard for me at school all day after i heard. it was upsetting to hear that and i am very sorry for all the families going through this. just know that you are not alone there are others out there suffering with you. its hard to hear and see people you are graduating with in the situation. im very sorry for the loss of Mr. Evans, and i know the family isnt doing well but i hope everything turns out for the better..

    keeping you in my prayers
    – brittney

  4. Patty, my heart and prayers go out to you for the lose of your son. Richard was a remarkable person and will be greatly missed. To the family of the teenagers my prayers are with each them and the families. Keep your faith strong. God bless.

  5. I can say I was shocked when I received a phone call from my sister that told me about Richard passing away. First, my thoughts and prayers to his wife, children and parents. Richard was an old friend and it’s been years since I have seen him, however, the last time I spoke with him, he had told me he knew where he was going….to heaven…and I trust that he proceeded on that path and he beat me to glory!!! I have mixed feelings….he got a promotion before me, but one day I will see him again with Jesus in glory land. He got his mansion. The funny thing is….I was suppose to be in Lovingston w my sis earlier this year and thought about checking on him…..that’s a thought that will never happen…well at least not till glory and then we won’t care! Patty….call me if you need to talk. Get my number from my sister, Dotti Hart-Kiser. To the kids…my prayers and thoughts are with you too…my children are teens and I could only imagine if this happened to them. God Bless! Patty Hart

  6. I am so sorry for the Evans family loss. My thoughts and prayers are with his family now and especially his children.
    For the one who is in critical condition I know personally and my thoughts and prayers are with his family. Hopefully he will pull through. To the other juvenile I also know my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

    In my prayers,

  7. I see that my post was not entered, I guess since I am not known and a member of this community I can’t share my pain with you. It’s okay I am at ease now and my suffering is almost gone for your GRAVE and Sheriff Brooks GRAVE error.

  8. Actually Robert, your comment was immediately placed after you posted it to the message forum. Here:

    But you won’t be allowed to make any more posts on this forum as we maintain a civil forum reserving the right to edit the entries. Many people have been moved by this tragic event and are sharing worthwhile and meaningful stories of mourning and prayers to a grieving family.

    If you have something to contribute in a positive light we certainly want to share it with others, but not in the current tone you continue to show.

  9. I hope all those people who are hurt in many different ways will pull through.I know for myself that members of Mr.Evans family are terriblly heartbroken, and I understand how it looks to them and how they feel towards this tragedy.As unfair as it is “let us all hope and pray that Mr.Evans is in a better place”as my friend Taylor told me.We all have to be strong for the familys that have been hurt by this tragedy.We all need to lend the Evans and Craigs our strength and support.WE are the pillars on a falling building,it is up to us to make sure that the building doesn’t crash or fall in.WE have the strength right now that these families don’t.We may be individuals,but as humans we are one.As these tragedys keep coming we will all need to lend our strength to each other.I myself have wonderful friends that are always there for me and we are family,as are you all to these people,they may not know all of you all…but that doesn’t change anything,we are together in this world as we will be that way intill we all die.Never again will we see Mr.Evans walking and talking to any of us,but we will in our memories.And those last as long as we aren’t going insane(lol).”This was the story of my life…”this is what everybody says or thinks at some time,and we all have one.Mr.Evans made his and will be told all around.He will be remembered and loved forever in our memories and hearts.As the pilliars of this county,we are only able to lean on each other and help each other.WE have the ability to help anyone in need, and right now that “anyone” is the Evans and Craigs.As you read this,remember this could be you at anytime.This is a little poem that i have shown to all my friends and loved ones:
    *As the day flys by,the night becomes real
    As we all walk,then sleep
    We always missplace something,anything
    We all feel alone at some point,then overwhelmed
    We all have our bad days,then good
    The light goes away,but always comes back
    We all have our differences,but inside we are all the same*
    We all have a reason to help one another.


  10. My prayers and thoughts are with all involved in the accident this morning and thier family. I was on scene this morning and everyone there did a very professional job, worked together and was very respectful to all the victims.
    I do believe though that ALL information should be held confidential until you are 100% CERTAIN who has been involved and that thier family has been properly notified. This is a very sensitive time, alot of emotions and stress are VERY high. Why cause more?

  11. Thanks for your constructive comments Margie. We really do appreciate critiques of what we do and strive to make readers of the web edition satisfied with our information. And appreciate folks like you taking time to express their thoughts.

    It was confirmed with law enforcement that all close family members had been notified before we released the information. We then waited roughly another additional hour just to be safe. Initially we were given the name of Bivens, twice by authorities, but later confirmed it was Evans and made the change. As we stated in this post earlier Friday, information flowing out of a breaking situation as fluid as this, almost always contains inaccuracies in the early moments.

    Believe me after covering these types of events for over 15 years for both local affiliate television stations and later, television networks, I always take this seriously. News organization’s obligation is to inform as accurately as possible, but also pass on the corrected information as soon as it is available, which we immediately do.

  12. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all that has been affected by this. The only concern I have is that false information was put out prior to confirmation of facts. Regardless of years in position facts should be confirmed before information is dispersed. That is why people in positions such as fire, rescue, and police need to keep quiet until confirmation has been made!!! This causes less confusion. Again our thoughts and prayers go out to all involved. Thanks to all fire, rescue and police. You do a great job in our county.

  13. Hi concerned. And as previously mentioned, we appreciate your taking time to post some well though and constructive comments. That’s exactly why we created these forums for the community to speak to topics taking place. As long as they are constructive critiques we always post them regardless, and again appreciate you spending a few moments to post.

    We did confirm our information with authorities, twice, before posting, that is what was said in earlier posts in this forum. When we are told, “This is the correct information and family has been notified,” we have nothing else to go on other than what we are told. But it IS our responsibility to immediately correct that when we find that it is inaccurate, which is why an immediate amendment to the original post was made.

    We live in the community, we aren’t just some detached reporters. This is our home and where we too raise our family. Everyone is is our neighbor and extended family. We have the utmost respect for what you guys do along with all of the other fire and rescue people across Nelson County. You do a fantastic job in the face of many times insurmountable circumstances on the scene.

    Thank you and everyone for posting to our forum, this is a great way for folks to express themselves in Nelson.


  14. i am friends with the three people the were in the truck . I run the bus with the 13 and both the 17 year before the driver of the truck gothis lincerne. i am pryaing for both the family . i am so sorry .

  15. i know one of the three kids in the crash and its so sad to see him in pain and i am really sorry for the evans family i hope for the best for you all.

    Your in my prayers

  16. The man that lost his life that morning in this accident was my dad . Even thought 14 years have passed its still the hards thing I ever had to face.


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