Head-On Collision: Fatal Accident in Oak Ridge Area

Googel Map Of The Accident Location In Eastern Nelson County, Virgnia
Googel Map Of The Accident Location In Eastern Nelson County, Virgnia

Updated 12:30 PM EDT to correct last name of victim
The Nelson County Sheriffs department tells us 43-year-old Richard Bivens Evans of Shipman died in this morning’s wreck near Oak Ridge. Next of kin have been notified.

Three other people are being treated for injuries; one of them is in very critical condition.

Updated 9:00 AM EDT

NCL Web Edition is following the events at this hour concerning a head on collision in Eastern Nelson County, Virginia on Oak Ridge Road. Nelson County Sheriff David Brooks tells NCL that one person is confirmed dead at the accident scene and others are injured. They are currently being transported to area hospitals in Charlottesville. “The accident happened around 8 AM this morning. If you are familiar with where the entrance to Camp Jeep was last year, it’s very near that area,” says Sheriff Brooks.

The road in that area is shut down as rescue teams and law enforcement work the scene.

We will post additional details as we have them.


  1. Tommy & readers , as I heard this on my scanner, & was not feeling to well I relized there are people worst off , my condolinces to all familys involed. Then I found more info. in 30 minutes
    after accident on NELSON COUNTY LIFE that filled in blanks. Very nice & needed site, & seeing weather for today was handy. thanks steve

  2. Well this is a very quick site for wrong information. I am shocked that you can’t get names right, my last name is Bivens, and I was in total panic thinking my family member has died. This persons name is NOT BEVINS. Get your facts right before you post them, tell your local sheriff to leave this up to the State Police who is working this accident and not him, he has no right to release incorrect information to the press and cause TOTAL PANIC to families not involved. I just hope all the family was told before he blabed his incorrect information to you. Get your facts RIGHT. I pray for the families involved and hope the others will be okay. This has to be hard on everyone involved. I read your paper alot but thank GOD I don’t live in a County that has this kind of Sheriff. Tell him to do what he is paid by the citizens of Nelson to do and not the job of the State Police.

  3. All three families are in way worse condition than you are! Its understandable to be upset about having the wrong last name, but to have a meltdown and say things like that about another county’s sheriff is HIGHLY UNETHICAL! you paniced for a moment while these families are effected for life. This isn’t a time to be rude. your condolences are appreciated grately, but everyone makes mistakes. David Brooks is a spectacular sheriff and your comments were unncessary.
    The editors of this website fixed the name problem and thats the best they can do.

    Our prayers are out to the families of the victims in the accident. <33

    ~Haley & Tiffany NCHS

  4. Robert, we appreciate your comments. While NCL makes every attempt to be 100% accurate all of the time, in breaking news situations where information is fluid, it almost always contains some inaccurate information in the first hours. We responsibly held the information an additional hour on our own after getting it, to be absolutely sure the family members had been notified. They were.

    As for Sheriff David Brooks, since he is the highest elected law enforcement official in the county, we feel he is more than qualified to release information to the media in the county where he serves as sheriff. We agree with Hayley and Tiffany, Sheriff Brooks is a perfect gentleman.

    We should all be thinking and praying for the families involved in this terrible tragedy and focus our efforts there.

  5. This is really a shock for us students at Nelson County High School. Some of us knew them and some of us respected them greatly. We hope that the one in critical condition pulls a miracle for us all. This is an extreme heartache for those who knew Mr. Evans. We are in sympathy of this horrible accident. It happened so fast! It shows how precious life is. WE wish luck to those who are hurting and praying right now. You’re in our thoughts….Forever. Hold onto your loved ones to get through this experience. God is with you and watching over you. Bless the family that is going through this and all who loved him. Bless his children, His wife, and his friends for this tragedy.

    We are willing to do whatever it takes to help. Praying for good news! And bless the EMT’s and the police for doing whatever it took to take care of this.. your in our hearts. A great deal of stress im sure was put on these life-savers of nelson county so. bless you and god is with you, too. For the strong ones who ” clean up the mess… when there is one” You’re doing your job and what a great job it is.

    Thank you for this oppurtunity to share these feelings.

    Sincerly and with Sympathy,

    Taylor Kesler & Holie Mitchell (students at NCHS)

  6. I would like to thank everyone for what they did today, This was a very hard accident to work, and every member of Lovingston Fire, Piney River Fire, Nelson County Paid EMS, Roseland Rescue, Virginia State Police and the Nelson County Sheriifs Office did a very fine job with total respect to all involved. I am proud to be a part of this County and the Emergency Services Department in Nelson County. I knew Mr. Evens and some of his family and it hurts so very much to see the pain they all are in. I was blessed to be able to spend time with his family this morning. Understand that Sheriif David Brooks has every right to give out news releases, and his quick response this morning allowed others to know what was goig on in this community. Some times a name is mis- printed, I do not think that Sheriff Brooks made that error. I pray for all involved and I know that Mr. Evens is in the hands of our Lord. He walked with God and thats all that counts now.

  7. Thanks NCL for providing this worthy community news service.

    Our hearts and prayers go out to the families and friends suffering this terrible loss. This tragedy is so very deeply felt throughout the Nelson County community.

    The fine efforts of our Sheriffs and Emergency Services Departments in managing this incident are sincerely appreciated. The continuing selfless efforts of our (mostly volunteer) responding emergency personnel are laudable. Thank you so very much.

    Lastly, I am confident that I am but one of many joining Robert in his fervent prayer … thanking the good Lord that he doesn’t live in Nelson County.

  8. I would like to say thank you to the first responders , fire , rescue as well as law enforcement officers for all of their efforts on this tragic day . I am the daughter of the man who tragically lost his life in this accident that day. With a special thanks going out to Ray Uttaro for all you did to help my family that day even though it has now been 14 years since the day this happened I haven’t forgot all you did for us I’ll be forever grateful for you


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