Legislation May Be On The Way For Local Dish / DirecTV Channels

Screen shot of TV6 News Story in Michigan On Proposed Legislation
Screen shot of TV6 News Story in Michigan On Proposed Legislation

Hat Tip to Shannon for bringing this to our attention. In a comment she sent this morning, she told us about proposed legislation from a Michigan congressman to cure the very thing we have all been discussing over the past couple of weeks.

Shannon says: September 23rd, 2008 at 12:54 am
Satellite dishes to carry local TV?
Congressman moving to make it happen. Friday, September 05, 2008 (WLUCTV.com)

“We’ve drafted legislation, endorsed by the FCC; we’re urging the FCC to try and do it in February about the same time we’re making the transition. If not SHVIA, the satellite homeviewer act is up for reauthorization and we’ll stick it into there,” said Michigan’s Congressman Stupak
Read full article: http://wluctv6.com/news/story.aspx?id=186154

Also, you can read more about the bill introduced to congress (H.R. 5470) on the congressman’s website: http://www.house.gov/stupak/issues_dishsatellitechannels.shtml

Can you say we need all of our U.S. reps and senators to sign on this!!

Thanks Shannon for sharing this with us!


  1. Thank you for your kind compliments Tommy. Your website is a valuble tool to voice our concerns and I appreciate the forum! After researching the subject further, I stumbled on the legislation and could hardly believe I actually found a bill that actually addresses the ‘local into local’ issue!
    I just sent my local Nelson County Representative the links to get him on board and also sent a link to your website to NBC29 online in hopes they run with the story and get the word out!

  2. Only ten more days. Hang in there Y. Do not look at any television, do some gum buy ya things. Hold out for 10/4/8

  3. Shannon we do receive local into local in Nelson County, the problem is with our DMA designation. Our DMA is not Charlottesville. Even if they pass H.R. 5470 it may not help us. They seem to be addressing areas that receive no local (defined by DMA) signal.

  4. Is anyone else in Augusta county upset that Directv now only offers one local channel (ABC from Harrisonburg)? At least before, we received all three networks even if they were from Roanoke. Called Directv and was informed that it may be months before the other 2 affiliates are available in Augusta County. In the meantime, I’m payng big bucks and can’t even receive programming on my favorite network (NBC).


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