Experience Nelson Picks Photo Contest Winners

1 of 3 First Place Winners : Kenneth Payne : The Dark Hollow Sunset
1 of 3 First Place Winners : Kenneth Payne : The Dark Hollow Sunset

Thursday night Experience Nelson County celebrated the winners of the third annual Nelson County Photo Contest. “When I realized all the great photo opportunities in beautiful Nelson County, I hosted the annual photo contest three years ago. The first year, there were about 15 entries. This year, we had over 60 entries across three categories,” said Kim Chappell,

This year’s contest was co-sponsored by Experience Nelson County—Kim Chappell, Realtor and The Sparrow Café in Beech Grove.

Thursday night’s awards dinner was hosted at The Sparrow Café. Until the end of October, contest entries will be on display in the café. (open seven days a week for breakfast and lunch) Visit and check out the digital display. All the entries will also be included in an album that will be presented to the Nelson County Visitor’s Center.

Look for each of the entries to be posted to Experience Nelson County over the coming months.

This Year’s Winners:

Nelson County Scenes

First Place: Kenneth Payne
Second Place: Marti Szczur

Nelson Wildlife

First Place: Ann Strober
Second Place: Jim Purvis

Made in Nelson County

First Place: Lisa Thalheimer
Second Place: Pierre Constans

Thank you to everyone who entered photographs in this year’s contest. Nelson County truly has residents and visitors who love the county and want to share its beauty.

You can go to www.ExperienceNelsonCounty.com to see many more entries.


  1. We were there at the event at Sparrow Cafe — and impressed by the restaurant, it food and its staff, and Kim’s choices. She was a gracious hostess! We felt honored to be included and hope to participate in the future. (I took some pix there, Tommy, and I can see them in my camera, but can’t seem to download the. Will go to Ritz this week for help. )

  2. I want to thank Tommy and Yvette for the years of encouragement they showed me by publishing my photos in NCL. In addition, they put me onto the Nikon D40X. The contest convinced me that I am on the right track. What reinforcement! What joy to have people see my stuff and comment so positively. I can’t wait to see my progress over the next year. Thank you to all of you who helped me whether you were aware of it or not.

  3. Can’t think of anyone more deserving and dedicated Ann! To think, just over a year or so ago you were still shooting on film. We love getting your photos in to show!

    Good luck on learning more new techniques!


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