MONTEBELLO : Blue Ridge Parkway Near Bald Mountain Overlook : Injured Hiker / Swimmer Successfully Rescued


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    Near Montebello, Virginia
    By Tommy Stafford
    Nelson County Life Magazine ©2008
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    Nelson County Life Magazine has confirmed a search Friday afternoon successfully resulted in finding an injured person with head injuries after he dove into the water near The St Mary’s Watershed. Wintergreen Fire Chief, Curtis Sheets, tells NCL, they were asked to assist Montebello Fire & Rescue after Augusta County Rescue units contacted them.

    Chief Sheets says a boyfriend and girlfriend were camping in the area of St. Mary’s Watershed when they noticed two youngsters at the top of a waterfall in the area. “One of the boys jumped from near the top of the falls doing some kind of flip hitting his head on the way down from the 15 or so feet drop to the water,” Chief Sheets says. Some of the people that witnessed the injury hiked out to get help. Eventually rescue crews from Augusta County and other squads in that county were dispatched to the area. Additional squads were called in to help fan out and locate the injured boy.

    “They were located somewhere in the area of mile marker 23 on the Blue Ridge Parkway. He was transported to an area hospital and treated for the injuries,” Chief Sheets continued. The injuries did not appear to be life threatening.



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