NELLYSFORD : RODES FARM : Group Meets To Discuss Saving Rodes Farm Stables


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    Saturday July 19, 2008
    Rodes Farm Pavilion
    Nellysford, Virginia

    Photography By Yvette Stafford
    Nelson County Life Magazine ©2008

    Above, Rodes Farm Stable Manager, Karen Osborne, gives the history of Rodes Farm Stables to a group of 35-40 people at Saturday morning’s meeting.

    A group called, Friends of Rodes Farm, met early Saturday morning to discuss the ongoing situation we told you about in our datebook section here last week. The group is meeting in conjunction with members of Wintergreen Resort and WPI to explore opportunities to keep from closing the stables later this year due to a continued loss of money for several years in a row.

    Phil Chabot, Esq. of Nellysford, talks to the group he is heading up to find ways to transfer the operation of the stables to another entity.

    More details from Saturday’s meeting will be posted as soon as we have them.

    If you are interested in helping the group out or working to find solutions, you are encouraged to contact Phil Chabot via e-mail or by calling 202.345.6383


    1. I don’t have any ideas for ya’ll but just happened upon your site and thought how wonderful it must be to have a 71 degree temp in the summer time. I am located in the northern part of Louisiana and boy is it hot here..Wishing I was there instead of here..

    2. sonja – yes, the weather has been absolutely wonderful here. The Rodes Farm Foundation according to my information does not exist. They have decided that the stables were not managed in a professional way – some of the employees had their horses boarded there and were not paying board or for hay as were other boarders. Not sure what is happening now – I know that the pastures look unkept and yet there are some horses still there.


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