Weather Underground – DNS Issues : Create Limited Weather Data Available :UPDATED 7.16.08


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    Updated 7.16.08
    Here is an update we were mailed from WU this morning:

    Subject: [#ERU-904604]: Urgent! All Sites down
    Date: July 16, 2008 9:31:56 AM EDT
    To: tommy.stafford


    Weather Underground is currently experiencing a problem with name
    resolution (DNS) to the site. Roughly half of site visitors are taken
    to a “Site Under Construction” or an error page when they try

    We are working feverishly to solve this problem.

    In the meantime, you can visit which still

    Weather Underground Staff
    Thanks for supporting Weather Underground!

    Weather Underground, Inc.

    It does appear that some of their dns issues are starting to clear up. However, our NCL-Weathernet Station here that reports to them is still unable to get info sent to them. Some of our other outlying stations are able to report.

    We’ll keep you updated, but expect much of our problems on this end to be resolved later tonight.


    By Tommy Stafford
    Nelson County Life Magazine ©2008
    Wintergreen, Virginia

    Over the past hour or so we have noticed that Weather Underground ( which interfaces with our NCL Weathernet stations to bring you conditions across the area, has gone down. It appears they have a major outage. This will limit our ability to get our information to you from our weather stations and from any maps that are provided from

    We have made an inquiry to their technical support department, but as of this post, we have no word on the problem.

    Again, it appears they have had a major outage of some kind.

    We’ll keep you posted!



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