NELLYSFORD : Congrats to Ann Strober! Photo Contest Winner!


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    Photography By Ann Strober
    Nellysford, Virginia


    Many times you have seen pictures here on our web version of NCL by Ann Strober of Nellysford. Hardly a week goes by that she doesn’t send us a fantastic photo for our weathercast. Until the past year, Ann was strictly a film photographer, but after some chats at the post office, and other places along the way, Ann took the digital plunge! That’s when she bought a Nikon D-40, and the rest is history!

    Well, over the weekend Ann e-mailed to let us know that she had entered the Nelson Farm Bureau Photo Contest earlier this year, and no surprise, she placed first in three of the four categories entered locally. WOW! Congrats Ann!

    Here’s the other two!




    1. That is a great photo of Three Ridges.
      It has everything….clouds, fog, blue sky, and green fields, all together.


    2. I’ve known Ann since her Brownie Hawkeye days. She has such an eye and a love for this work. Congratulations, Ann! You Rock.

    3. Congratulations Ann!! You have found your true passion in life, and that is great! Keep up the great work!


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