Wintergreen : Happy Trails Christina Kline


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    Merideth Young of Heards and owner of Black Rock Gallery at Wintergreen, (left) poses for a good-bye hug with friend Christina Kline who moved to Vermont this week.

    Monday of this week marked the end of an era for Christina Kline of Wintergreen Mountain. You probably remember Christina from her column in the pages of NCL as Nelson Outdoors. Christina knew just about every creek and hiking place in Central Virginia. She was with us from nearly the start of the magazine. Until recently Christina was the manager of Blue Ridge Mountain Sports and she was on Wintergreen Ski Patrol this last season as well.

    Christina wanted a change of pace and has made the move to Vermont! Sure is gonna be cold up there this winter!

    Christina says she will probably be doing some ski patrol there, but also tells us she’s already trying to figure out a way to come back down a do a little at Wintergreen in the coming season.

    She already misses it here in Central Virginia!

    Good luck Christina, we’ll miss seeing you in the Nelson Outdoors!


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